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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by touhey33, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. touhey33

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    Im looking at getting a bed edger as Im tired of wasting money renting them. i do mostly redefining or re edging existing beds, but on occasion I will edge new beds. My question is has anyone used the redefiner, if so how do you like it and will it edge new beds as well as redefine? Thanks in advance.
  2. turfcobob

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    Word of caution here. The rotary bed shapers tend to toss a bunch of dirt into the beds. So you are into a big clean up before you are done. IF the beds are nice and you want to keep them that way and just refreash the edge you need a machine that cuts the edge and leaves the dirt to be picked up without throwing it anywhere. Look at the Turfco Edge-r-rite Turfcolcom. It cuts like a small sod cutter (has 5 blades) and you pick up the cut debris and haul it away. Leaves the beds just like you found them. One of the highest profile pieces of turf in the USA has all it's beds edged by the Turfco. They cannot spend the time and money to re-mulch beds and all they want is a new edge each spring.
  3. touhey33

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    i've seen that unit, but I don't know how good it would do in the clay soil here in indiana, plus there are alot of rocks. I've used bed edgers that pulverize the dirt, and you just spread the dirt back into the bed.
  4. touhey33

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    Is there any video of the turfco edger?
  5. SpruceLandscape

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    My Little Wonder Bed Shaper has been one of the most profitable machines I ever purchased! I had rented every other kind up until I bought this one and NOTHING does as nice of a job and is easier to handle, even up here with solid clay for soil! Just make sure you get the 13 or 14hp version, and not the 10 or 11hp older versions unless you are in softer, looser soil areas.
  6. bam

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    The redefiner is a new design for Brown Mfg. It was built specifically for Brickman. It does extremely well at re-edging the existing bedlines. There is a low, medium and high setting for the blade. The frame is very strong, should last a long time. It has a special claw blade on it to dig into the soil. There is also two belts side by side to turn the blade. Alot of other mfgs. just have one belt which wears out quickly. Older units we would have to change belts once a week. This redefiner ran the whole season without a change.

    It is a very different machine from the bulky bed edgers, as it is meant for speed and touchup of bededges.

    So, if you are getting it to touch up edges it will work extremely well and it is very durable. I don't think we used it to cut new edges. It should cut thru the soil, but may take two passes. The engine is not too large, I know its not a 11 or 13 hp.

    A co-worker has a Little Wonder shaper. That does a good job, but is bulky compared to the redefiner and generates alot more debris, and is more difficult to edge around corners and tree rings.
  7. turfcobob

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    Yes there is video on the Turfco Edge-r-Rite just go to or call 800-679-8201 or go to Louisville and run one in crappy Kentucky clay. When you run these machines in dry clay like sod cutters they will shake you. But if the soil is even a little damp it does a beautiful job even in clay.
  8. DustyOH

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    If you want a hand held unit, I saw an ECHO unit at the EXPO show in Louisville. It will redefine a bed. I saw a video of it at the show and they also have it on their website it is on their front page. It is light weight and less expensive than the wheeled units. I am going to get one when they come out with it for next season.
  9. CGlandscaping

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    look at Bluebirds bededge. its called the bed bug... I really like it it goes through the clay and rock here in Virginia. it has a few different height adjustments. just dont use it around irrigation and lighting. But it has saved me so much time doing edging this year
  10. MustangMan

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    I've rented the Bluebird Bed Bug a few times and have really liked it. They have a coupld different attachements for it and it really does a good job of going through the clay and rock as mentioned. I haven't tried any other brands so I can't speak of them but I do highly recommend the Bed Bug.

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