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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by statman, Nov 3, 2003.

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    I am an grass cutter only that does NOT apply fertilizer. I started cutting a neighbor's yard who had a stroke. Last year it looked really nice, but over the course of this summer, it developed brown spots, kind of like camoflage. I think it is fine fescue.

    His fertilizing company said too much water (he has an in-ground system), then they said a fungus.

    I'm not trying to horn in on anyone's business, but this is an older, sickly guy who is pretty upset over the decline of the appearance of his lawn. Any suggestions?
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    hey statman,
    without seeing some picks it is hard to tell. Blindly guessing I would say that it was a disease from to much irrigation. I am not sure where your town is in Ohio, but here around Cincinnati we had a run of disease this year like I have never seen. I treated more disease this year than I have then entire 10 years in business. EVERY case was from people with irrigation systems, did I mention EVERY one!!!!!!! The problem was we had rain all year and the people with sprinklers would just let them run on the cycle they have for years. After repeated conversations people still wouldn't turn them off let alone down a little. This made the turf wet almost all the time. Disease runs rampped in this situation. It is probably to late for a fungicide as most diseases are coming to an end. That is except rust, I have been seeing ungodly amounts for the last month and it is still around.
    Hope this sheds some light. Check the crown of the grass plants. If it is white and tender than most likely it will come back ok. Just watch for first signs next year and get the fert company to spray a fungicide. (although I would have thought they would have tried to sell him one when the problem started)

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