Brown Streaks In New Sod

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by beaglegun, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. beaglegun

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    I installed new Ky Bluegrass sod around the edges of our local high school baseball field in Sept. Everything looked great until last month. (Nov) I started seeing brown streaks developing around the edges. I spot sprayed Round Up on some grass and weeds that were developing in the skinned areas of the infield in late Oct. These streaks look like over spray but I never saw them until a month after I sprayed. Water washes from the skinned area into the grass where these streaks are located. Do you think Round Up caused this or is it something else? Will I be able to make these areas green by April? I'm in north central Ky.
  2. TXNSLighting

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    probly hit it with the spray. no the grass is dead forever. im kiddin. it should come back with proper care.
  3. AintNoFun

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    brown streaks, i think someone forgot to wipe properly before they put the sod down..
  4. lawnservice

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    could be the round-up. It will work slower in cooler weather so that could explain why you didnt notice the damage for a month.

    Maybe something else? Could the streaks be from a utility vehicle driving on turf? (just guessing here, could be a number of things)

    If it was the round-up though, I wouldnt count on any recovery even with proper care. Unless the proper care is maybe an aeration overseed?

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