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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Poorboy's landscaping, Jun 3, 2009.

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    I just want to say Hi to all my fellow lawn people out there. I'm a young and growning company in the south new jersey area. This is my first year in cutting lawn beside the one that where very very local. I just got my truck and drivers licencse. I do about 10 lawns a week and a few here and there for a few older people.

    97 F150 4.2 v6
    home depot grade Echo weedwaker
    Ryobi backpack blower
    20" murry push mower
    21" 5 in 1 craftsman push mower
    craftsman edger
    in the works is a 36" bobcat walk behind

    Im currently looking for a 10' x6' enclosed trailer. That way I can hook up and go. I will be looking to make this full time once im out of high school this time next year.
    Any of you full time guy have any hit or tips for someone new to this, besides taking good care of the customer I have now. Also start small and do get to big to fast.
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    Good luck in the Biz!! I am in the same boat as you being a junior in HS. Best thing i can tell you is to go and buy good equipment from the begining. I start out with a craptsman weedwacker and that didn't last a season. So with the money it took me to buy that and buy anouther one i could of bought the Redmax that i just got. I started out just working out of a truck like you and dnt have a trailer yet. If you can get away with it do it. And buy the trailer next year. Dnt forget KEEP THE OVERHEAD LOW!! Good luck. PM me.
  3. Poorboy's landscaping

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    Thanks Ben,
    I have been profiting alot of green, almost 1,000 a month. The problem is i'm into r/c car racing and it been eating my money up like crazzy. I got my project walk behind for 100 bucks and my echo weed wacker for 250 at the big HD last year. I have under 300 into my walk behind and it almost ready to go. I just wish I had a bag for it.

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