Bruckman Rubber Company's Weedseal Fence & Border Guard

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    Bruckman Rubber Co. would like to announce the release of another new product, the Weedseal™ Fence and Border Guard. This product is the first economical solution to vegetation control problems that plague fence owners. Previously few solutions were available. The Weedseal™ replaces expensive manual trimming and eliminates the need for costly, gas powered equipment that pollute our environment. It also stops the need for chemical sterilization that harms other plants, animals and our water supply.

    The Weedseal™ utilizes scrap tires that are incorporated into a specially designed virgin material that is fiber reinforced. It is only ¼” thick yet extremely durable. Its low profile adds beauty and protection to your fence investment. It is suitable for all types of fence. Finally you have a choice between spending your time trimming around your fence or doing something much more fun and rewarding.

    The material is currently available in widths of 4”. 8”, 12” and 15”. The 4” width is used primarily for along building foundations and landscaping. All widths are available in bulk our precut so your specifications.

    The product has many uses. It is also being used around road sign reflectors and other traffic related signs.

    The Fence and Border Guard is the latest of a series of products under the trade name Weedseal™. More information can be found on their website at:

    Bruckman Rubber Co. is a rubber manufacturing company located in Hastings, Nebraska and has been in business for 45 years. Their contact information can also be found on their corporate website at

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