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  1. KeithFL

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    Need helpnquoting one of my regulars. Only focused on the front acre of the property. 48 tall palm trees about 150 to 250 saw palmettos that are grown over with vines and pepper plants. Not a ton overgrown maybe 4 ft high in some places. Between that then removing ground debris over the acre. Suggestions how to quote this.
  2. flashsmith

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    Palm Trees run $45 each for trimming. Everything else on something like that I would quote hourly labor at whatever your rate is. Plus dump fees and travel time if removing. Never know what you may get into on something like that. Doing a flat rate you might lose money.
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  3. KUMA01

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    Something I always run into when clearing land is old tires, concrete and stuff so take that into account
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    This is how I would quote. Hourly rate for labor and dumping fees.

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