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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by studentlawn, Jul 5, 2004.

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    I'm putting in a bid for brush clearing along a dike which barricades the MN river. I need to clear 20 feet on the right side of the road and about 5 feet on the left side of the road for 1,180 feet down the road for a total of 28,000 sq feet.

    I figure we are going to use two guys are chain saws and brush cutters and then follow with a guy spraying the cut brush and removing the debris from the road.

    Because the dike is so steep the use of a tractor or bobcat is really out of the question. I figure it will take around 100 man hours to complete, but I am totally unexperienced in this.

    We do not necessarily have to remove the debris from the site because the company that is hiring us is sitting on hundreds of acres of their own land. This means we will probably end up relocating it to another area.

    I'm honestly at a loss for how long this which actually take. If we relocate the woods material I may just hire a large dump. I don't have a price on this but I figure the bid to be between $4,000 - $7,000 depending on the price of the dump.

    I will post some pictures of what we need to clear out, its mostly saplings with some brush mixed in. Any advice on time estimates, methods, and pricing would be helpful.

    I know I'm going to hear "figure out exactly what its costing you, and bid accordingly. I've done that, but I want to hear what this is worth. I brought someone down and $15,000 shot out of their mouth. I think thats a little crazy, but I want make sure I don't cheat myself.

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    here is the first picture

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    the second picture

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    here is another picture
  5. studentlawn

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    ok last one to look at

  6. NNJLandman

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    I'm thinking $7,000 for the job. I think you should be able to find a way to get a skidsteer in there with a brush hogg attachment which would be awesome for that job. Good Luck with the job.

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    You need to rent a tracked, hydraulic excavator equiped with a hydraulic-powered brush shredder. It will reduce everything to woodchip size. Therefore, no hauloff is required. It can set on the road and reach out to each side to cut everything.
    Someone on this forum showed photos of one they rented to clear along a mine haulroad a while back.
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    LynardSkynard on this board knows about this kinda stuff, id pm him. He does alot of this kinda work.
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    Saw one of those hydraulic brush shredders working on some new highway construction last week. One guy was reducing what it looks like in those pictures to sawdust. He was starting as I was driving off and when I came back at the end of the day he was finished. I almost missed my exit, the place looked entirely different.

    If not that, then I would use an F-14 and some Agent Orange.

    I would definately charge accordingly. The $7K looks like a starting point. If you think it's going to take 100 man hours, then plan for 150. 150 x $49 = $7,350
    Then equipment.
    Something like this:

    Good luck!
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    I will have to get a hold of lynardskynard. I searched a little bit into the excavators with brush shredders. Problem is that on the left side of the road there is an immediate drop off. Can't have debris falling down into the river. Im worried that the shredds will make a mess. I don't know, I will have to research where I can get one in my area or even try to see someone use it.
    thanks all

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