Brush clearing tool and bid?


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I have 35,000 sq.ft. of brush clearing to do and have received several suggestions but would like your opinion. The job is a trucking company parking lot 2 strips 700x15 and several other areas. The problem is working around the junk the brush is growing in (bent truck rims, broken cement, wheel chocks, garbage, etc). I know I need the trimmer for the obstacles, but there are some areas that will allow wheeled equipment. Another crew bid $800 on it and the owner thought way too high. To me it looks like about 12 man/hrs x $40 = $480. More if I need to rent something. We also do not have to remove brush, just cut and leave where it falls. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have a Troybuilt Sickle bar mower I use for that sort of work. It would work on the open areas and cuts 42" wide. See if your rental places has one of them or something simular. I think it's rated at 1 acre an hour, depending on how thick the base of the brush is. If I remember right, it will cut up to 2" diameter, but it makes it hammer in that thick of brush. 1" diameter is not any problem for it. Good luck


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I have a 26" Bachtold brush mower. They make them 2 ways. 1 is for grass, the other is for things up to 2" in diam. The brush cutter doesn't even slow down when it hits a 2" tree. You can rent them. They do a neater job than sickle bar mowers because they "mulch" the plant material. They don't shake you the way a SB does either. If you have room to run one, you could rent a bush hog.


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At my grandparents job we have done numerous brush removal projects, from 2 acres to 3' x 6'. And some of the stuff is extremely thick. We have done 3 main jobs though and were very satisfied with the result and how long it took. The 2 acre project included some trees and mainly just extremely thick brush. What we did was use a bulldozer, plowed right through, then went with the chainsaw for anything it couldnt handle. took about 2 days total. Then we recently just did a smaller scale job by our new stream. it was so thick we didnt even know we had a stream lol. id say the area was about 30' by 20'. what i like about this was that there werent any big trees. it was mainly high high grass and some pricklers. what we did was took our 48hp kubota (brand new) with the 10 cu bucket loader. we put the loader so it was staight ahead about 5 ft high i guess and went through, this took out all the super high and thick stuff, we then went the the loader about 2' above the ground, this got rid of any debris and big rocks. after this we went with the rotary mower set at its highest wheel setting and also still had the loader down. our third technigue is for stuff that is JUST high grass. when i say high i mean about 4.5 to 5.5 feet high. for this we use our ryobi straight shaft weedwacker (we have a blade for it but just use string) . one project we did using this tech was a 10 feet by 50 ft patch. we had it down in 6 passes and id say bout a hour loNg.
For your project if its just debris, no trees, and just high thick grass amd bush. rent a tractor with loader and 3pt rotary mower. first go through with just the loader and get the bulk of the debris, then go with the loader down and get the rest of it, then go with the loader AND the mower. If u just use a w/b brush mower it wont move the junk for u. if u use the setup i mentioned it will move the debris and the brush. let me know if u have any questions at all.


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Bnet rims, broken cement,,, walk away fast.
If you are that keen on doing it and considering rental, check the damage clause real close. Sounds like a good job for your competition.


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I agree with Cantoo. Why put yourself in that much of a liability risk, (your body, your business, the rental machine) Tell them it might be worth it for $1,500.00 & let that other contractor deal with it. You have better fish to fry. Good luck!