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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Moose's Mowing, Apr 5, 2012.

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    I have a bid in to a guy to clear a small bank above a pond. its overgrown with brush, a few briars and a few small trees about 2" in diameter. the hill is fairly steep but it's not too big. I originally was thinking id go in with a chainsaw and then pick up a brush blade for my stihl FS90. then, it came to me......go rent a walk behind bush hog. The local rental outfit has what I believe to be a Billygoat walk behind brush mower. If I'm able to just mow it, it should take around an hour, but only because the bank is so steep. it's also $75 bucks a day to rent this little guy. I haven't priced the brush cutter from Stilh yet but I'd expect it to be about the same as renting the brush mower, but more of a pain to use.

    my question is for those of you who have used a walk behind brush mower, are they fairly stable on hills and can they hack through 2" saplings? the hill I'll be dealing with is right at the threshold of being able to get a normal walk behind mower on. If the Billygoat is sure footed enough, I'll just mow everything, take out whatever the mower can't get with a saw, rake everything up and haul it away. I bid this two ways, both with and without stump removal. the guy just wants it mowable and is fine with leaving the stumps cut clean with the dirt. so if he wants me to do it, I'm not planning to have to grind any stumps, even then, anything left will be fairly small-ish. I also gave him a price for weekly mowing so I gotta make sure the stuff is low enough not to tear up my machines when I mow weekly as well. I know I'll have some hand work to do afterwords.

    If these things slip and slide on a side hill, I'll pick up the brush blade from Stihl and do the some grunt work. I have priced it accordingly and should make a few bucks if I get the job. I've accounted for rental fees/equipment purchases as well. So what do you guys think of walk behind brush cutters?
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    I have a Dr mower---1998 vintage and love it.It does everything I want it to do.I think 2" saplings is pushing it though even though the Dr claims their biggest machine will cut down 3" saplings.1-1.5" are not a problem.I just did a brushy hedgerow clearing job.Bought the saw blade for my echo trimmer but ended up just using a 12" chainsaw instead.8 hr job netted me almost $1k.
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    The Billygoat does not do well on will spin. A brush blade on KM 90 is really going to put a huge load on really need a 110 or bigger.

    If you can go up/down on the hills you may get the Billygoat to work.
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    I think that whether you use a brush saw or a wheeled cutter you'll leave stubs too high for mowing. I cleared an old field 10 years ago, cutting each alder down as low as possible and it's still not mowable because of the stubs and mounds.
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    If they are slash pines and smaller than 2" a mower will handle them just fine...I still try to cut them as low as I can.
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    This thread brings back memories of using a really old Brillion brush mower back on the farm.

    Used to do fence lines and the gap between the field and the fences. That mower was so old and nasty, but still would get through 2" saplings.

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    thanks for the replies. I'd be able to run the mower up and down the hill if I had to. there's a pond at the bottom so if it got away from me......well, I guess I better buy the protection plan from the rental place. thanks for the help
  8. Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries

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    We just introduced a new Brush Cutter (BC2600 Series) that's Hydro with a auto-locking differential specifically for hillsides and undulating ground. It's got a 26" deck and a pivoting deck and can handle anything it can push over (2" saplings are easy). It's got the same easy no-shift forward and reverse drive engagement that we've got on our Self-Propelled Overseeder.

    Let me know if you've got any additional questions.

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  10. milkie62

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    The Dr mower has a locking differential also..It works well.Dr cutting heigth is around 3" or so and is not adjustable. I would buy another in a heartbeat..

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