Brush Clearing


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Hey Guys!

I haven't seen any posts on clearing brush here......
Iv'e been looking at clearing brush along fencing and barb wire fencing. Seems to be a lack of a work force there. Does anyone know anything about it? Dealing with barb wire I think you would charge a lot because of it being barbed, and charge by the foot...

You can pull up TONNS of images on google maps of over grown brush along fences:!1sr5ewwGUJdXcKMTQJLjkuMQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Post below and thanks for the help!

Marshall's Yard Service

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I was just thinking the same thing!


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South Carolina
It may be something to think about for winter when things are slow. It really isn't something I am too interested in now that I have been in business for so long. I will do it, I just don't go around looking for that kind of work. I used to. I used to do a lot of work for a guy with rental properties, and there was no telling what he would have me doing. It's just not really my thing now that I am not as young any more. lol...To me some of that gets difficult to price. Then you have to haul it away in some instances. I just find that the longer I am in business, the more year round accounts I get, and I don't have to fill my time up with that sort of thing. Not bad for some extra money if you need it though.