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Any advice on easiest way to clear out thicket,vines,poison ivy, junk etc.In a neighborhood so fire is not an option. Cost per 100 square feet? Thanks in advance Kevin

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What is the total sq feet? You might want to check into a brush blade for you line trimmer.I know Red Max and Echo make one. I did a job like that about 4 years ago we used two brush blades. The area was about 2,000 sq ft. It took us about 3 hours to cut to ground level and load it. Two guys cut one guy pulled on brush to make it easier to cut and one guy loaded everything up. We dumped it for free. Total Price for job $800.00. Hope that helps. Travis AG&G lawn Maintenance


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my advice to you is to have the customer have someone else do it.<p>failing this good advice, make them pay dearly. the very mention of poison ivy makes me want to send them an invoice!<p>good luck!<p>GEO

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I have two trimmers set up with Tuff-Cut heads.The big one is a Husky( 245? ) with a heavy duty Tuff-Cut head.The head consists of three flail knives on pivots, when sharp can cut down a 2&quot; tree very easy.Its a monster to use but can really do a lot of work. The small one is on a Stihl FS 85, same type of unit, only light duty.I have a customer that has horses and needs an electric fence line cut twice each year.Works great for vines and small growth.Watch out for the paper type bees nests built into areas that you can't see easily.I took a bath on one large job when first getting started so now I charge by the hour, some times things go good but there is alot you can't see when looking over a job to bid.Tuff-Cut may have gone out of business,I havn't been able to get any reply from them and havn't seen their product for sale.


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Both Billy Goat and Giant Vac make a walk-behind brush hog that you should be able to rent. When I bought my house the yard was overgrown with poison ivy wild roses sumac trees you name it. I took a chain saw to the big stuff and rented the billy goat ($30 for 4 hours) it took down and ground up everything up to around 2 inches around, then all that was left was to rake the debris into a pile.<p>Or put a blade on your trimmer.<p>Whatever you do, if there is poison ivy theres no substitute for a long sleeve shirt-even if its 100 degrees.<p>Bill


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I do a lot of clearing and mowing of high (more than 1') grass. Anyone use the weed mower made by Bachtold? There's another machine called a predator that I'm interested in. Anyone know about that one? Right now I use a 26&quot; Yazoo bicycle wheel mower. It does so-so, but is not as good as I'd hoped. If anyone is thinking Bush-hog, I mean for places you couldn't get one.

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