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Brush cutting/ Bush-hogging on the side. . .


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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about doing some heavy mowing on the side. I'll be using a Billygoat Outback. What is your experience regarding: is there a market for this sort of mowing? Most folks stick w weekly lawn maintenance, but I'm after the one-timers or maybe would build up some accounts to service 3-4x per year.

My target is properties 1 acre or less that are too tight to get a tractor w bush hog onto.

If the jobs are out there, my next question is how much to charge. When I was a LCO years ago my rate was $1.10/minute (my bid to the customer was by the job, not by the hour, so this is just a figure I used to price my jobs in my head). Assuming the only equipment involved is my F-150 and the mower itself, what would you figure I should charge?

Marketability? Rates? Thanks in advance. . .


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Pittsburgh PA
I started this service last summer with my DR Brushmower. It has been a nice add on business. I charge by the job, but I average 75$-$100 hr. depending on the difficulty of the job and what the customer wants done. For one time jobs make sure you get cash up front. There is a small but underserved market for this type of work.