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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingmachine, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. mowingmachine

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    Does anyone here do much brush cutting. I was thinking about getting into it. There seems to be a need for it in our area. What would I charge for it. From what I can tell so far it pays quite a bit more per hour but it doesn't get done as often. Maybe several times a year. Let me know about your experiences if any with brush cutting.

  2. DMS

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    It's good to hear from somebody close to home, I'm from Sublette. In reference to your question, what type of machine are you looking to use and define brush. Are we talking about ditches and rough-cut fields or lot clearing at Woodhaven. I don't do much of it, but I might be able to help with your pricing.

    Nick Dinges
    Dinges Mowing Service
  3. eslawns

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    Are you talking about mowing high grass on municipal lots, or fields that would require a bush hog to mow?
  4. stslawncare

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    when i think of brush i think of very very high grass, thick tall weeds, small trees, vines etc etc.
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    Mowingmachine it is a good business if you can afford to get started. I started out with a $22000 machine a $1500 bushog if i had it to do all over i would buy a good used tractor and hog at auction for about $5000 to $7500 and start there. As far as pricing each area is like daylight and dark. I know some people in illinois that only get 20-$25 an acre and go down for alot of acreage. I dont unload the tractor for less than $100 and try to always get $50 To $60 an acre. Where you will run into problems is these old guy with there old 8ns or 9ns that will go out and hog for some loafin money or the big guys that run 15ft or 20 ft hogs they can get done in half the time and charge half the price. I would suggest to get in with some homeowners associations or try to call your state road maintenance office to see if they bid out these projects along the highways but there you will be doing 2000 acre jobs and will need a good tractor. Here in missouri they bid out part of hwy 70 that bid is about $150,000. The money is out there its just how deep your pockets are to get started. Hope ive helped!!!!!
  6. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Mowing machine I did some brush cutting years ago. Is it a big area or small area? If it is a small area you can get a blade that hooks up to your weed wack to cut up vines and small brush. If its a big area you can use a brush hog on a tractor. In some areas you can rent them. The money can be good if you get the right job. I got 2 blades for my weed wackers years ago at about $20- $30 each. It took us about 5 hours to do the job and I made $800. I don't do those types of jobs because we have too many big tree companies around here. But if I run into one I won't pass it by. Anyway also think about hauling this stuff away. Do you have a dump site that you can dump for free for for a fee. Some places charge you a small fee per truck load and grind it up for mulch.
  7. mowingmachine

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    DMS I think your the first person I have seen on this forum from our area. Cool.
    I don't have any brush cutting jobs yet. I was just curious what I would charge if I got started. I got the idea when I was offered a brush cutting type job in the area. The type of jobs I'm looking at are between 1-10 acres of no more than waist high grass and maybe small brush. These would be typically undeveloped plots of land that need to be cleaned up several times a year. Basically land that is for sale that nobody has bought yet and it's not being farmed. I was thinking about using an ATV and tow behind brush mower. I would have to invest money in both and I'm still deciding whether it is worth it or not. Thanks for everybodies responses.

  8. Wayne Offiler

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    During the off-season, I do a fair amount of this work. My main machine is a Billy Goat "Outback" brush cutter. (About $1800 new, But I found a good used one for $900) To thin out, or cut larger vines and saplings, I use a stick brushcutter, with a 9" Beaver blade. Most of what I mow over is fairly well mulched up, and anything else, I throw into my McKissic 10hp chipper/shredder. I do not remove anything from the site. Properly ground up, the debris looks fine just lying there..Exception is, if trees over 2" dia. have to be cut, I take them for firewood (chipping the branches). Customer understands up front that I do not haul debris.
    I have before and after pictures from past jobs to show prospective customers. Works well.
    Giant Vac Co. makes a good looking brush cutter, called the "Machete". Can get it with 15hp Kawa for about $2700.
  9. DMS

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    In our area, I wouldn't charge less than $30/hr. We are not in the most lucrative part of the state, but this amount is fairly reasonable. If you are cutting for a developer, you may be able to get closer to $40/hr. If you invest in a brush cutter, you may want to explore getting a contractor's license to cut at Woodhaven Lakes. There are well over 6,000 properties to be maintained and people are always looking for someone to cut brush. If you land some of these jobs, you may be able to make $50-$60/hr. Most of the residents are from the suburbs and are used to paying higher prices, but it is hard to try and get a local farmer or residential homeowner to shell out more than $30/hr. I hope this helps.

  10. Phishook

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    Bush hogging with a 35hp. tractor and 6' bush hog


    $100 min.

    any thing less wouldn't be worth the hassel of loading, travel time, and loss time from other equipment.

    this is just how fell about it. I only have a few places but the money is sure good!!!

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