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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcatboy, Dec 24, 2007.

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    those of you who do this type of work, how many of your customers are ecstatic when you do work with your grinding attachment. I ground up a brush pile for a guy and was so impressed by the reduction of the material. It seems that the attachment always draws a crowed when it is in use. Jobs are coming slow but there comming

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    yes people always want to watch the destruction. until the limbs and stuff start to fly out at them, then they back off.
  4. bobcat_ron

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    People here loving seeing flying fire wood when the Promac 48" disc starts hacking a 12" tree, but then some pebble hits their car and they start crying.

    But then you do get a hand full of nut cases that want that land preserved for some brown spotted 3 eyed 2 tailed shrew that never existed or they want all the homeless crack heads to live there or some other BS.
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    Yes, I have yelled at, accused, and pointed to when taking away habitat. What I usually do is restore the land to a condition similar to what it was in frontier times minus invasive trees that are no longer controlled by wildfire but the enviromental whackos know not of what they speak.

    I draw a small crowd but discourage onlookers or ignore those who wave me over. I'm busy and don't like people in the work zone especially when it isn't their property. Brush mowers can injure and kill a person with an errant piece of wood. People do not use good sense and try to approach me regularly. Sometimes I turn my head and Joe Doofus is standing there trying to get my attention to ask a question. I have to throttle down, let the mower stop spinning, then I get out. All the while they stand there, covered in dust, and ignorant to the danger of being so close to a working brush mulcher.
    I have had people walk into my chipping zone when feeding whole trees into a 200hp chipper and swinging a loader. I now see why commercial jobsites erect barriers or fences.
  6. YellowDogSVC

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    You can always tell them approach the owner of the property and make an offer to buy it if they want to preserve it. That may shut them up or it may not. I have been threatened with EPA, calling the owner (geez, who do they think hired me in the first place), calling the police when burning (and following all rules and regulations including calling it in to sheriff's office for permit), and told that I was not leaving a "buffer." The latter are usually the folks that already cut all their trees down and now want their neighbor to leave some green space.
    I just try and be nice but if they are irate, I do not cut them any slack. I have asked a few if "the owners I am working for knew they were trespassing". That got rid of one guy and another lady stomped off waving her hands in the air because I was clearing a lot across from her house and she liked the woods.
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    I cleared a lot last fall for a house. Neighbours came over to whine about it. I said if you hurry and call the office you can buy the property it is still for sale. They said it should be left for park land, I suggested they buy it and give it to the Township for a park. She walked away still mumbling something to herself. The next day another neighbour comes over to make sure we aren't going onto his property (we're 60' away) He said he started a petition to stop us from building on the lot. I said we already have a Building Permit, little too late. I also told him the property is still for sale we are planning on putting a spec house on it but money talks so make an offer. He got kind of mad and left. Later that day he came over and asked if I would cut a dead tree down on his property while we were right there. WTF? PS the tree was leaning heavily towards his new house, yeah right. Good news is te foundation is in and in a couple of weeks the house will be there.
  8. tallrick

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    I know that whenever I saw some interesting equipment being used I asked if I could try it out. While most of the time they thought I was nuts, a couple of times they said "go ahead". Sure was a hell of a lot of fun pushing over brazillian pepper (weed) trees with a track loader. I have not seen a mulcher for a skid steer in person though. The one thing I don't do it get near a job in progress, not even a string trimmer. The worst I have ever seen was a code enforcement officer walking on a site I was clearing with an old, and noisy loader. The property owner had to clear the junk and weeds off the lot to satisfy the county. The inspector was walking around and tripped on some vines. Lucky I have good eyesight.
  9. Mulchin Larry

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    See it way too often. Usually they have already been approached by the seller that the property is for sell by the seller but they just can't believe it till they see it being "worked on." I usually have been told to let them know it is still "for sell," which I try to avoid telling the neighbors if possible. When I see them looking with their hands on their waist I move very quickly to the other side of the property "very far away" from them.

    They most always end up wasting "my time" on "the property owners clock" that I am on. Which is time that I end up having to "knock off the clock."

    Usually they all want me to come over to their property. And if they want me to come over to their lot, they respect that I did not stop right away to talk to them while I was one their neighbors clock. If they stick around, till I get to a stopping point and out of my line of fire, I will more than happily indulge them with whatever they want to know.

    But damn they can be dumb and aint afraid to put themselves in the "line of fire."

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