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ok heres what ive heard. if you don't know im talking about power brooms. i heard that paddles are good for heavier sand but don't work that well on lawns. brushes on the other hand i heard are just the opposite. whats ur opinion?


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I have a RedMax with paddles that easily moved 3/4 crushed stone that was plowed into small piles. It also would tear out the grass if I put too much pressure on it.

I was told that the brushes will tear out grass. don't know if that is truly the case -- just what I was told. I wouldn't think the brushes would move big piles as well.


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i just bought a Shindaiwa PB270 with rubber paddles last week. I only used it for about an hour so far and it doesn't seem to tear up the grass very much at all. It does an awesome job pushing sand, gravel, twigs, leaves though.


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I have far, the rubber paddles are more effective and less turf damaging.

John Gamba

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The brushes are for Paver's, It gets the cracks better. Paddle's are for turf and water.


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Ive had both. Brushes sweep out the grass more agressively-which you need at times, but are also harder on the body to use for long periods of time. Paddles are much faster, can push more, and damage less. Down side would be, there are times when you may have to follow up with a blower a little bit. My money is in paddles. When we switched from brushes I couldn't believe how much faster it was.

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