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    Well, you mow as many bad neighborhoods as I do, for as long as I have, you have a lot of brushes with unsavory characters. And yes, guns, knives, gangs, bad situations brewing. We've mowed around dead bodies and police tape, we've had ghetto high school girl fights rumble right in front of us, we've had police shootouts in our midst. But the time one of my subs had a pistol to his head while on his Turf Tiger has to rate up there with the "brush with death" category.

    Couple years back, had a crew mowing inner city slummy park that just went on for about 66 acres...long stretch behind houses, by ravine, secluded areas, ended up at inner city baseball field. 10:30am on a Tuesday, sun is out, all is well, always kept trimmer guys and mowers together for least that's what we thought. Here comes a couple ghetto rats walking towards one of my mower operators. Mower guy is going back and forth striping the area by some tennis courts when one of the rats motions that he would like a light (of his cigarette). My guy stops the mower and reaches for a lighter. Just then the other piece of trash pulls a pistol and places it firmly on mower man's temple and tells him to get off the mower and empty his pockets. Mower guy does that BUT forgets to put the brake on, so the mower dies (safety you know). After giving up all his items, thug and friend backs off my mower guy and tries to start mower to steal it. Mower won't start. My guy is so shocked at the situation he freezes. Thug pulls the gun again straight to his head and tells him in no uncertain terms to get this mower going or he'll end it right here. And he would've. Fortunately, mower man goes through all the steps of starting and puts the brake on to start up the mower once again. Trash proceeds to drive it up and out of site. Within five minutes the police are swarming the area, not a mower to be found. They had stashed it in a garage until the heat was over. No doubt...a brush with death landscaper style. Mower never found. Thugs never arrested. Needless to say, I'll never bid that contract again.
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    thug would have been ran over with said mower if it were me. he may shoot me but he would die too.
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    Thats why i open carry while i mow. Never know what will happen and im not getting killed by some low life without giving myself a fighting chance
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    Curious about what you carry and if you have dirt issues. I mow w a .38 snub iwb and it is covered w dust daily.
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    I have had other situations...but nothing like that. Living here in Detroit we have it safe.

    Personally I think all your guys should carry...that way when one is held up the other two can drop the thugs and carry on. I have your back bro.
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    You guys need to find better neighborhoods to mow... Around here, you'd have a better chance of being killed by a mower accident rather than a thug.
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    Well, we're specialists. It's like when a guy takes a job with Halliburton in Iraq. You get combat pay, but you understand the risks. Most can't deal with the danger. We thrive on it. Bottom line is that SOMEBODY has to mow ghetto parks. And SOMEBODY will get paid to do so. We have three areas in this city, divided up, and bids follow the safety curve to a tee. North is lowest bidding, rarely hear of criminal activity. Central is most dangerous and pays the most, and when you sit down with your wife to watch the evening news, somebody's getting killed or arrested in one of these parks that night. South is combination of danger and safety and parks nobody uses. All the bidding follows a pattern since I've been in the game.
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    You're in their neighborhood. You shoot somebody. Good luck proving you're the innocent party. Just so many bad things could happen. I have done small jobs in gang land. Get there early in the morning and gone in a hour. Charged combat fees. I would not spend hours in those areas like with a city contract. Just pushing your luck
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