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  1. lesterg

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    I am buying a bc/trimmer. I am looking at the 2 cycle Ryobi model RY30570 and the 4 cycle Troybilt model TB590BC. Which would be the better buy and most reliable. Both same price. Is 4 cycle more troublesome? I am using it for home use and not commerical.
  2. K/B

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    If you really want something reliable, you should get something like a Shindaiwa HomePro model. Much better quality than both of the ones you mentioned.
  3. saw man

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    The models you list are about the same. Both junk and not worth $1
  4. cbegap

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    IMHO, I would pony up the extra cash and buy an entry-level professional trimmer. It will be the last one you buy if you take care of it and run fuel stabilizer in it. Every time you use it, it will out perform your expectations instead of just meeting them or worse, leaving you hanging. The next 2 times you want to eat out, don't, there is the difference in price. I like my Echo SRM-210. Shindaiwa T242 are good but not as readily available. People that have Stihls seem to like them although I don't have any experience with them. I wouldn't do the 4 cycle thing. They are supposed to last longer, but are typically heavier with more to go wrong. Get a little one gallon gas can for your premix and keep it simple with a lighter 2 stroke.
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  6. paull

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    Do yourself a favour, spent a little more, get at least an Echo SRM210 for about $218 with tap advanced head.

    If you really want to be cheap, get the Echo GT200 curve shaft trimmer for $169 in Home Crapo or OSH.

    Stay with commercial brand. Husqvarna have a 125 for about $199 and Stihl have the FS45, FS55 all below $200.

    You buy it once every 10 years, I'll get a better one.

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