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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ianc, Apr 13, 2002.

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    I installed some Brussels Dimentional stone on a front entranceway this past week.
    The only reason for using Unilock was for the Mahogany Ash colour
    This stone was different thicknesses/lengths/widths - I installed the base row "dead level" and as I mixed up the pattrern for the wall it was getting increasingly difficult to keep level
    I also found that 15% of the stones were either hollow and of bad quality - I know this is a Tumbled stone - but quite a # of stones were unusable

    Now I am going to rip into my salesperson on Monday and demand a refund - and will rip out a what has been installed so far

    So all you Unilock Authorized Contractors out there! - is this something that happens to you with Brussels dimentional
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  3. diginahole

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    Oh man that sucks....

    I hope you can salvage some of your work.

    I'm not a huge fan of dimentional, so I don't use it much. I haven't had any quality issues with the small amount that I have used. Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep my eyes open for this if I have to use it again.

    I'm sure you won't hear any fuss about returning defective product.

    BTW... I thought that you were gettin out of this racket to pursue the software thing.
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    I haven't had a huge problem with dimensional, but man I went round and round on Roman Stack. Stuff looked like it wasn't cured when split. I talked to my rep and it looks like they're a little more straightened away.
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    Hi diginahole

    I fudged the wall a bit an have it looking okay - but cost me about 2 hrs to screw around with the stones - Wait till I see Don

    I have used other dimentional epoxied walls with no problems. but as soon as you turn a Brussels Dimt unit on it's side or on it's end to mixup the wall then the height differences appear
    and it looks like a shimming n cutting job

    This is just like the Pisa 11 corners from years ago - remember that crap

    as for the software biz - still going strong - figure this is my last year at contracting - both the knees have chronic arthritis and I walk like a old man

    have a great season - see you on the road!
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    Oh ya I remember the corners all right, used to cost a buck two nintey eight in pennies to shim them buggers up. The quality has really come a long way in the lasts several years though, not much gets out to jobsites anymore. Usually it's the new guy loading from the wrong stack when the bad stuff slips out of the yard.

    Take care of those knee's, don't work too hard. I'll keep an eye out for you on the road!

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