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  1. coqui landscaping

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    :confused:man guys it has been tough for me, what have you guys been doing to get new customers?? i passed about 70 flyers last week and nothing. i was thinking of keep passing out the flyers and knock on doors i got one like that yesturday, i was going to leave a flyer and i knocked on the door instead !!
  2. KCfireman

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    Only 70 flyers? That isn't gonna get you jack squat. You need to be handing out 5,000 flyers if you wanna see some results. Right now I think word of mouth is the best way to gain new accounts.
  3. S.I.

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    I picked up 7 properties by talking to a building maintenance manager.
  4. gardiner

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    i personally think that flyer's are a waste of time and money my first season . i got all my accounts from the local paper for like 140.00 a month.. i learned from last season not to advertise all mowing season i got most calls first 3 months in spring and 2 months in the fall. starting on first signs of spring and first sign of leaf falling . i do work solo . so i have not had to run a ad in the paper .or pay for any work.. so far this season word of mouth keeping me busy and I'm on year 2
  5. bohiaa

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    someone agrees with me. doing my research I found flyers door to door. is entirely too expensive. paying someone to pass out flyers that will only reach 1 person. 1 ad in a newspaper will reach them all. not only that. look around your home..... how many old newspapers do you have laying around ?
  6. Loooogie

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    I have done a 1000 flyers and got nothing, just made new flyers.
  7. Client Critic

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    Another strange idea to help out and it works is getting business cards or flyers and asking a local grocery store if you can pass out your flyers early Saturday morning during grocery rush hour!!! Sounds crazy, but you could do a trade off... cut the grass or do some landscaping for them and they let you pass out flyers or cards..
  8. S.I.

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    Word of mouth is the most effective lowest cost advertising you can get. Try giving some type of incentive to customers for referring friends, family, neighbors, etc. Make it something like - if you refer a new customer that stays for 2 months we will reward you with _______. Also offer an incentive to the new customer - If you are referred by a current customer and stay for to months we will reward you with ______. This is an all around winning combination, you get new customers for minimal cost, you won't be paying for anything that doesn't get results, the customers get rewarded, and in most cases good customers refer more good customers, less chance of wasting time with tire kickers and PITA's.
  9. bohiaa

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    you could just put them on the car windscreens, however the only issue with this is, you cant target your customer this way.

    flyers always seemed like begging for business to me.
    anytime anyone comes to my home trying to sell me something. I useually let the dog answer the door, and if it;s a flyer....TRASH, mostly even with out looking at it
  10. coqui landscaping

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    geting a little better

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