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    Does anybody have trouble cutting buckhorn if so how do you do it? I have to stop and hover over the weed the cut it. Please help. I have an exmark hp 48" and it only has 15 hrs. on it.

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    If it is what I am thinking of, it is a type of plantain. I would check your blades to see if they are sharp, lower the deck some(I assume it is an area that is full ofweeds), or slow down and if you really don't want to mess them hit them with a herbicide. I am pretty sure 2,4-D will work. 2cs
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    Yes, we run 2 Scags, 52" Tiger and a 61" Tiger. Thought it was the Scags that just couldn't cut those buckhorns. A lot of our lawns are new cheap lawns, lots of weeds. In order to cut the buckhorns we have to creep while mowing.

    Many times we are double cutting to get the buckhorns. Sure hope they are gone soon. Having a drought here in New Jersey and unfortunately all that is growing is clover and buckhorns.

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