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  1. GreenerSolution

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    from PA
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    Looking to network. I'm in Horsham. I can throw a rock at Bucks Co. I specialize in turf applications. (Commercial) We can accommodate approx 30-40 acres a day and do a knock out job on the larger HOA's where most others have trouble. Acreage depends on lay out.

    We also have a couple mulch blower trucks. We blow out approx 150-200 yards per day. Also can be used for topdressing.

    If there is any interest or questions, feel free to pm. If no interest, but would like to pick my brain or even share your thoughts, I'd love to connect.
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  2. Tyler Gribbin

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    Also in Bucks County, Huntingdon Valley to be more precise, still a relatively young company. Always good to get advice and hear what other people are doing to combat tricky PA weather.
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  3. EcoGreenPB

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    In Montgomery County here - we service Montgomery,Chester, Delaware, and Bucks Counties with REAL organic lawn treatment and traditional as well - also have aeration/overseeding, Pest control, grub treatments, and more. We have a referral program where customers who sign up for a program get YOU $100. Also, we can take up subcontracted work!

    Give me a call or email me to discuss more! pbilletta@ecogreenlawncare.com
  4. Tyler Gribbin

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    I'm interested see what everyone does in order to try and gain more commercial properties. Do you guys cold call? E-mail blasts? What are some of your preferred methods in contacting commercial properties?
  5. Anthony Divit

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    I have a few commercial places and one off of Street road. I knew someone who knew someone. If that didn't happen I wouldn't have contacted them. Most commercial places want ultra cheap and that is not part of my model. I have had that place for six years now. I worked very hard and had open communication. When I was ready to raise peices I explained it out and they were great with everything. A lot of people call and call. I would just talk to a lot of people and ask them. They can lead you where you want to be.
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  6. Blue Ridge LC

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    you guys still around ??
  7. Anthony Divit

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    from Pa
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    From down in the New Hope area.
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  8. Klaiber's Klearing LLC.

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    I'm a solo shop out of Montgomeryville. Many of my customers are in Chalfont. I mainly do tree work now but have a few customers that have asked for mulch in the spring. I'm thinking of tackling our HOA (18 home community) for lawn care etc. when it comes up for bid again but will need to sub out for lawn treatments as I'm not licensed for that. I also do snow removal for residentials and small commercial. Glad there's a group of us in the area.

    Oh, and merry Christmas!
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