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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ray&Christine, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I bought a used Buddy Ramp and the first time using it the cables broke, I'm hoping the cables were just old and worn and it is not the ramp design. I was loading my Walker at the time. The ramp is designed to take 1000 lbs. The dealer I got it from is going to replace the cables for me and was surprised this happened. He claims that he has used one for 4 years and never a problem with it and he says he loads machines heavier than mine all the time. Does anyone use one of these Buddy Ramps and if so do they hold up to daily heavy use?

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    Hey RAy

    I have a buddy ramp. They are pretty tought considering what they're doing. I have been loading my walker for 2 yrs with them.
    A new buddy every season. They get the **** kick out of them. They will pull the side of your box in and also wreck your tail gate hook up.

    They sure are nice instead of towing a trailer. I find it easy on the walker riding in the back of the truck instead of the trailer.
    I hate trailers in the city. The buddy pays for itself time and time again. They are perfect for a small operation.



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