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    Im working on my 2019 budget. Im only going into my 3rd years of business so Im still setting standers as far as when equipment will need replaced. Im trying to make sure when its time to buy new equipment that i have recover my expenses adequately and im charging enough to buy new when it is time to buy new. So my question is how often are you buying new blowers, weed wackers, and sidewalk edgers, once a year, every 2 years, every 5, also approximately what kind of hours are you putting on those units so i have a little perspective on how often the equipment is getting used.
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    Depending on if your running commercial grade or residential grade equipment I run all commercial I keep a backup piece of equipment for everything I run redmax I get a good 5 seasons out of a trimmer and 4 to 5 out of back pack stick edgers will usually run longer than that cause they don't get ran as hard as trimmers and backpacks keep things maitenenced and they will last several years
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    thanks 5 is what i was going to say at least for a starting point and yes i run all commercial top end echos and stihl equipment
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    I talked to an ECHO rep and said their basic SRM225 is rated for 500hours of use...so the better models can at lease obtain that or better...

    So that is about the middle of the 3rd season for most ......so figure every other year to be extra good.

    However with that said i'm using the same SRM-225 into season 4 with only air filter, spark plug, fuel line/filter maintenance. Still starts and runs well. We've used the red armor echo oil and don't know if that has anything to do with the service life we are getting out of this unit...but i'm grinning ear to ear if that is any indication as to what our 580 and 770 backpacks will last us:)

    stick edger will last us about 8 years (500 hrs)...give or take amount of use....as we grab a string sometimes to edge maintain, but always the edger blade to cut a new property

    my average residential is 30 minutes, 15 minutes of mowing (double cut), 8 min for trimming and 7min for blowing
    but...I do have some yards that have 20min of trimming and 5 minutes to mow and a few to blow.

    if your that concerned get an hour meter for each unit...they are cheap at like $5 or so per unit..just wrap it around the spark plug lead and monitor

    HOW much your biz uses the equipment will be DRASTICALLY different then everyone else. That is something you need to figure out either conceptually or time a few "average" yards and calculate
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    Each time you purchase handheld equipment mark it with a paint pen the month and year it was bought. I have a Echo back pack with 1 carb replacement under its belt that was purchased August of 2012. I just used it the other day at my house. Depending on fuel quality Id say 4 years on commercial handheld equipment is good. Here's a tip use the pre-mix fuel yes it cost more, but in the long run your equipment will last longer. Mostly because crews or owners do not empty a fuel can of mix prior to adding more mix and fuel and then the fuel mixture is not at its best quality, Plus a lot of dust and debris get into the cans.

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