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    What's the scoop on buffalo grass. I have a (maybe customer) that has it right next to his bermuda grass in Oklahoma. It is an acerage. The only thing I have heard is treat it just like bermuda when it is dormat. Also heard it grow's in small clumps and doesnt spread like bermuda. Aqua-cap has it as a tolerant grass so I know I can use it as my pre-m. Im curious about round-up when it's dormant? Any info would help.
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    You should get in touch with the University of Nebrasaka Turfgrass Research Dept. they have been doing extensive reasearch on Buffalo Grass for a number of years. From what I understand it does makes seeds and does spread by runners like bermuda. Greems us late and goes dormat early. and tough as hell on weeds.
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    the link i sited was from Nebraska, the author is now at New Mexico State, but the work was done at Nebraska, and replicated in Arkansas.
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    Varmit, Buchalodes spp, ie the Buffalograsses should not be maintained similar to other C4 turfgrasses.
    The finished height of cut should be at least 4", severely restrict fertilization and irrigation amounts as the more cultural pressure applied to this turf, the worse it will perform.
    I have dealt with Buffalograss on three continents, here in the US, the Philippine Islands and in Australia, and have never been pleased with this turf's performance.
    Despite labels relating limited or no phytotoxicity towards herbicides, about the only "safe" herbicide I am currently aware of is Ornamec 180.
    Personally, at every site I have managed, I have removed this turf and have replaced it with other spp's of C4 turf.
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    You hit it right on the head txgrassguy. Buffalo is a miserable excuse for turf. Drive is the only herbicide that doesn't cause significant injury. Even light spot spraying of 2,4D or MSMA will leave will leave bad scars for weeks in the spring, and MONTHS in the summer. Fertilize buffalo and bermuda will invade.

    It looks decent in the early spring, and you can cut it at 2" or 2 1/2"" and it'll look presentable. But when the heat and drought come, leave it at 4" and don't waste your gas.

    My best results for fertilizing buffalo has been with very expensive 1-0-1 ratio blends with a high % of slow release N (62% and higher) with biosolids added.

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