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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheMom, Jul 2, 2002.

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    Have any of you had experience with buffalo grass? The more I research, the better it sounds, especially considering our current drought situation here in the Southeast.

    Any input will be appreciated, as I've been asked to do a proposal for planting BG in a midsized back yard in our neighborhood. They get plenty of shade from the large trees that live there.

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    A lot of people have tried Buffalo Grass here and I happen to mow two lawns with the stuff. In my opinion, it is not a good choice for a lawn. Even when well taken care of, it looks like a poorly maintained Bermuda lawn. It's natural color is a pale, yellowish green. It looks best if cut at 4" or so, but then it looks like thin weak Bermuda. Both Bermuda and St. Augustine are more agressive and if you do not have 100% kill on these before installing the Buffalo Grass, they will come back and crowd it out in only a few years. Or, if you put in Buffalo Grass and a neighbor has one of the others, the Buffalo will be over run as the other grasses creep in from neighboring yards. My best friend is the director of our City's Parks Dept. They tried Buffalo Grass in several locations and have now given up on it. The only place they were able to use it with good results was on some traffic medians where they got 100% kill on the old Bermuda. Even though it has survived, those islands always look like Bermuda in distress. Buffalo grass will also hurt your mowing income. It greens up late and goes dormint very early in the fall.

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