Buffalo to lower mulch prices?

Grn Mtn

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Rochester NY
Now that there are mountains and mountains of potential mulch piles in Buffalo, does anyone see prices going back down? or will it take another year because the mulch has to season?

grandview (2006)

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Lancaster N.Y.
A lot of the mulch is going to be sold off to some electric company for fuel. I think the area my have a firewood shortage next year. All the tree companies are grinding up all the hardwood and not even taking it back to their yards to make firewood.

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Mr. Vern

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Why is there a glut of wood in Buffalo?
BTW - the comment about sending them to co-gen for fuel is probably right on track. We have a grinding division that grinds thousands of tons of wood per month and 90% goes to co-gen. Not near the money there, but if we turned it all to mulch there wouldn't be any money in that either. Letting it sit for a year is a recipe for disaster. Large piles of ground up wood soon become large bon-fires if not judiciously managed - which costs lots of money. Not likely anyone will sit on it.
Just my .02 from the other coast.