Builder Cut Landscaping in Middle of Subdivision

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by brentsawyer, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. brentsawyer

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    Unsure if this has happened to anyone else but a subdivision that I am installing new landscaping in just got a cut in landscaping dollars. I have finished about half of the homes and the builder says that he is cutting the amount for each home from $850 to $600 per home. I of course told him that he will not be receiving the same plants and trees and I would hate to back out completely since alot of the homeowners pay for additional landscaping when they move in, currently working on $4,800 for the next home. I guess I'll be replacing 7 gallon and up hollies with 3 gallons and the Maple tree will probably be a cleveland pear now. I care and hope that I can stay with good enough material that will attract the homeowners to use me but he of course could give a sh*t what is installed in an $180-$200,000 home. :mad:
  2. PAPS

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    Maybe I am not understanding you... but you are doing new plantings on new homes for $600.00 each home????? how many items are you installing at each home like 3-4??? I love these builders that do not budget in for landscaping when they build new homes. They expect a decent job for $600.00?? I wouldn't even walk on the property for that if its a new home... but maybe I am not understanding you correctly. explain the situation more...
  3. kris

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    Im with Paps on this...please explain more... here the builders have to supply a caliper tree for the boulevard. If I were doing a whole bunch for him he may get 2 -1.5 to 2 in caliper trees for that 6 hundred.
  4. paul

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    Does this include the seeding the yard too? Or are you just installing the plants?
  5. heygrassman

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    Brent, not sure about your area but here, builders have to submit a landscape plan to build a shed anymore. If the landscape plan shows a 3" caliper maple, there better be a 3" maple there when the local inspectors roll around. This is not to mention the explanation to the potential customer(homeowner). Guess I am paranoid of builders. I am hearing way too much BS from their dealings to make a quick buck. Make are you are not a scape goat in the making "we showed him the plan and it is right there, I am not sure why he put in a pear instead of a Maple". Build a very careful paper trail.

    Sorry to hear bout this, but would hate to see you get burned.

  6. steveair

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    I could be wrong, but.....

    I install one tree for $600-850 dollars! How does one install a entire package for that kind of price?

    In general, even the greasy, slimy, scum bag builders are usually forced to put about $2500 into a front foundation planting. I just can't imagine numbers this low.

    If this is how bad the landscaping market is down there, I would think of doing something else:)

  7. mdb landscaping

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    Look what he wrote. He said the builder is cutting $600 from each home in landscaping. He said he does about $4800 total for the job he is doing. I would imagine that doesnt include hydroseeding?
  8. kris

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    No .... the way I read it is that he is doing additional work for a separate client ,,,not the builder
  9. brentsawyer

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    $855 for 3 Holly 7gal, 7-8 buxus 12", 1 small magnolia, 1 1.75 purple ash and a couple other little assorted plants 1 gal on the last one. My cost was $400-425 and took about 3-4 hours. That is it. Not too difficult but as you can see, pretty rinky dinky for a $180-200,000 home.
  10. Always Green

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    Do you guarantee your work? We would not charge less than $1000.00 for the package you are installing. With a laborer it would only take us 30 min. to install are you adding in travel time?
    Somethint dosen't add up even by myself it should only take an hour and a half, you can't be making any money charging 1/2 what the jobs is worth and taking twice the time to do it . I have done planting cheap but only because we did the hydroseeding or sod too, and had to cut the budget , but not even that cheap, if the builders there are that cheap I would try to look for more homeowner work.
    We have one builder who only wants to spend $200.00 per house for plantings so we put in 10 3gal. Gold tip junipers along the front foundation this makes a good base to add additional plant to when the homeowner wants to upgrade himself or conrtact us to. You may not be able to change now becauce your in the middle of this subdivision, but if you hang on with this builder keep it in mind for the next one, just space the basic shrubs out a little so you can infill with others. This has worked out well for us the homeowner calls ( leave a flyer or business card at the house) for an estimate to upgrade and we get a chance to sell him lawn service, hardscape,etc.

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