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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by David Hartzog, Nov 10, 2001.

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    Dear, Exmark
    I am a proud owner of a 52" 23hp (kolol) (Yukkk sorry engine gas hog hard to start and have to shut off at full speed will never buy a kohlor MOTOR AGAIN yukkkkkkkkk) Kawasaki RULES.

    OOOH were was i OH YAA my awsome mower any way here is some of the things i have a problem with Front to Back
    1. Deck i have a ulta vac and with bags empty and regular blades and mulch blade the is way to much blow by. A little more vac power or a decklike the toro has will help.

    2.Ulta vac could use some beefing up like the little rubber thing that holds the tube on to the vac has broke twice a metel snap or a pin might work better.

    3.Bagger Could be (no) has to be bigger. more volome less stopping this is time consumminging look at grasshopper when i find a bagger on a old grasshopper i'm converting by by stupid bags. Thank you David
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    Thank you. I've already taken the liberty to pass your suggestions along to the engineering as well as our product planning committee.

    If blow out is an issue when bagging you may want to try the Exmark solid airfoil blade or the low lift blade as well. Each will reduce blow out but the low lift can virtually eliminate it in some conditions.

    Please feel free to pass along any other suggestions you may have.

    Thank you

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    I have a suggestion that you guys might want to consider in regards to the bolt system you have for your muffler plate when using a vac.

    The system that my friends has is two spacers that are placed between the shield and the muffler. I would think that you would have better results avoiding the loosening of these bolts if they were or a post was welded to the frame. The you just slip the cover over and tighten the nut at the top.


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