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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Any of you guys build decks along with the landscaping of a house. Well, we just did. The deck turned out awesome! IT is roughly 10 x 18 with three steps that are 5ft in lenght. Matched the steps up to the paver walkway. Used all timber tex material. Expensive to use but people wanted no maintaince. Now for the $ questions - what would you guys charge for install? Materails plus labor, per sq ft of deck, cost plus ect.
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    Many factors. On the high side 20+ sq ft. On the low side 12 sq ft. I hope you flashed correctly and used the proper hangers and nails. You are not suppose to use aluminum or regular nails in pressure treated anymore. The flashing should be either copper or lead. The nails should be galvinized. Did you pull a permit. In my state of MA we have to have a permit.
  3. meets1

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    Permit, located, etc was all done when we landed the job. I have estimated it around $17.50 / sq to be fair. Did not us any nails in the under carriage of decking. Lumber yard gave us all torx screws and leg bolted a majority of it together. With the Timber Tech decking and rails - all stainless steel screws. Flashing was all bent by a local fabricator so all in all things worked out well.
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    do you have some pictures.
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    I'll try to get some pics next week if camera is working again. Being a work carmera - it was left in rain once on back of truck, dropped twice and sits in the truck in heat all day. I know - not wise!

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