Building a drainage pipe end??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pryker, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. pryker

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    I have a drainage pipe that takes water from a few different rain gutters on my home and dumps it out about 60 feet from my house.

    I just tore the whole thing up and replaced all of the piping as it was crushed in some places and was in generally poor shape. WOW what a job. anyways, I have it all done but what do I do with the end where the water drains out? It used to just flow right into the lawn where it came out. But when I pulled the old stuff out it was filled with all kinds of crap.

    I want to make a neat and clean looking area for the water to properly disperse into rocks or something where the pipe ends. Are there any good fittings for the end of the pipe? I thought about just closing the end of the pipe off with chicken wire to keep some larger crap out but it will just rust. What do you guys use to keep crap out and what do you put near the end of the pipe where the water comes out to make it look clean and properly disperse the water? Do I bury the end of the pipe in rocks??

    I will post some pics tomorrow.


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    Did you have all the "crap" IN your pipe or was it just at the end?
    One thing to do is always put a pipe sock over the drain pipe.This will keep all the debris out of the pipe,while still allowing any residual water to seep out.
    At the end of the pipe you can put a pop-up,so that nothing can enter the pipe.It will open when the water pressure builds up and allow the water to drain out the end.Then it closes when the water pressure lowers.
    You can also put a drainage grate at the end.Not a catch basin,but just a grate.That will also keep out all the unwanted debris while still allowing the water to flow out the pipe.
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  4. pryker

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    Most of the crap was at the end. I have looked at those "bubble up" type ends but I do not believe it will pass the proper amount of water quickly enough. I will post pics today.

  5. pryker

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    ok guys...

    Here are the pics. What the heck do I do with the end. I thought about installing a little ditch with ricks at the end. She really throws water out when it rains. We just had a small downpour and I watched the water really fly out of it.



  6. pryker

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    ANd here is the second image... I have to type to make sure it is long enough...

  7. pryker

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    By the way, I have finished covering the trench up. The trench was approx 12" deep until this last part. It is only about 6" here but I will also be building the soil up higher to the drive so it will be plenty deep. Now, what the heck do I do with the end of this pipe??
  8. BSDeality

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    you could make a little river rock catch for it. the only PITA part would be trimming around it.

    maybe you need to put in a pond :)
  9. lawn jockey

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    Well it looks like 4" pvc thin wall, try a sch. 40 cap and drill holes in it to make a grate. I had to do this at a local truck garage to keep the #@%!* wash mit threads out from clogging the drains
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    My next door neighboor has one of those. They work great. He also tied in his skimmer to his pool and drains it out there also.

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