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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mowedown, Aug 17, 2009.

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    Will try a be as brief as possible. I retired 01-01-09, from Rich.Va. Fire Dept. (40yrs.) to keep myself connected, I started a two man lawn care service. Spent around 11,000.00 for equipment, already had a large neighborhood common area. Put out fliers & advertised in a community paper twice. In short got all the business that the two of us could handle.
    Enjoyed the excercise and have kept our clients happy w/what I think is professional service. I would like to expand next year, at least triple our client load. Questions: Will need at least 2 other workers, another Z, etc.
    What have you found as the best way to (1) get qualified workers (2) contact businesses & when to put in bids (3) best bang for the buck on advertising (3) suggestions on insurance geared to our industry, I put a rider on my insurance, but think it is too expensive. I hope you will give me some advice. I went on when I first thought about the business and learned a great deal from you guys. I also had a landscaping business when I was a lot younger, so I'm not totally new to the business. Thanks in advance.
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    use craigs list to hire employees. you will get more responses than you need. Sorting through the potential hires and interviewing is the key. You need to hire someone responsible and hard working... I know that this sounds obvious, but seriously try to weed out the average lazy american loser.
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    thanks, had not thought of craigslist. any suggestions on web hosting?
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    If your out and about on a day off and see a LCO crew working, stop and talk to one of them, around here the Mexican labor is willing to jump ship for a dollar............and not bashing, but once you get a good one, do whatever you can to keep him/them...
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    Best thing....don't hire anyone. You will find it impossible to find someone who will work for you that will do as good of a job as you have been doing. KISS is the best answer (Keep It Simple Stupid!) Just purchase the right equipment to make your job faster.
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    I am just starting out also and this is what I go by K.I.S.S. keep, it, simple, stupid. I thaught about naming my business that. Less staff means less overhead and that means more money in your pocket.
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    I am wanting to go full-time with my business soon. I know you who want to go it solo have good reason's. But I think we will limit the possibilities to make it in this industry with a good enough income. Keeping it simple by doing all the work yourself really leaves you (me) very venerable to any unexpected event that may sideline you physically. Who then will save your rear end then? You have no one trained to do anything, don't know if you can trust some one you are hiring off the street to even show up let alone do all the work for you. If I have a crew of at least two men that are hard workers there is a chance that we could get through a surgery or just getting sick for a day or two. I know hiring workers comes with a whole lot of headache's, but they seem to be necessary just the same. I am very interested as well to the suggestions that come your way. Good luck all!!!
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    I'm not trying to be rude but what is the reason for starting a landscaping business in the first place? MONEY!!! If you don't hire anyone, how do you intend on expanding your business beyond your own physical limitations. The whole objective is to expand rapidly so that you can go golfing, fishing, vacationing, etc. I don't know about you but why would you do it yourself if you can get the work and then pay somebody else to do it while your at the beach?
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    Check out freewebs .com pretty simple to build your own website and it has worked for us. then you can advertise via craigslist and post a link to your website. Best part all free sans your time.

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