Building a Leaf Vac System for Truck

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by andy'slawncare, Jan 13, 2013.

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    The only way I ever described the Billy Goat was to say they are putting a very heavy engine on a thin piece of steel and hoping it will hold. I went on to explain that when the metal bent it pushed the battery into the muffler almost causing a fire and the battery to short out. It is interesting that from this description, you correctly knew the exact model I purchased.
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    Billy Goat (and competitors) product knowledge is kinda my shtick. We only offer one unit where the battery is located under the muffler as described.
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    Well if that's true that it's your shtick, you might want to review your statement that giant vac I mention has not been in production in a year and note the header on giantvacs site.
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    So I'm guessing today is when you found out that scag bought giantvac.
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    ??? Why is the battery located under the muffler with almost no clearance when a standard lawn and garden battery is installed. This seems unsafe.
    I don't think your weld issue is solved as you stated. Sine that is all Golden eagle (Billy goats distributor) asked when my claim denied in 2012. I won't even note where you put the oil filter which makes maintenance a huge chore. IE Battery. The whole machine seems to have design issues.
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    That Pete is awesome!! I bet the cost of operation makes you squirm a bit tho... The leaf vac set up I use is a 16 hp skid mounted lesco wit the 10" by 10' loader hose. If I had that to do over, I would have opted for a bigger unit. something in the 30 hp range maybe. I definitely like the loader mounted to the truck, rather than trailer units. We use our walks to push plow blades to get the leaves down to the truck, and need a trailer to haul them and blowers, rakes and such. I built a custom mount on a swing hinge made from a piece of 4" schedule 40 pipe inside a piece of 4.5". There are 2 positions for the pin, one in the loading position, and one all the way out so the door will swing while dumping. In the regular season, we just remove the mount by separating at the pipe hinge. The base is welded to the underside of the bed. Dont have a picture handy, but I'll try to remember to get one at the shop if it ever quits raining.
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    I bought the truck for a good price last spring. The cost of operation hasn't been to bad so far, but not looking forward to replacing the tires when the time comes. I am looking for a used blower in the 20-30hp range having a hard time finding one so far.
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    Don't buy a use leaf loader.....just don't....they aren't that expensive and they lead a very rough life.
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    Your trailer jack is far enough back on the trailer's tongue that you might be able to mount a small unit 18hp or so there with clearance. Hang the hose to the side that you will park at.
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