Building a new website. Wordpress or HTML??

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by dynamicearth, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. dynamicearth

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    So I have my site in Joomla right now but it's outdated. Going to switch to Wordpress or HTML so I can have more SEO capabilities and also more user friendly. Anyone running on either of these platforms?

    Do you maintain the site yourself or pay someone to do it? I want to be able to add new photo's and video often as well as content. I'm getting quotes form $500 to $2000 to create a new one.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. Rick13

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    Hi Dynamicearth!

    I had the same questions for my website too.

    I've got a "Wix" site right now...and it's ok, but I'm have a member from lawnsite help redesign it in Wordpress.

    The nice thing with Wordpress is that it's easy to update: information, pictures, add pages, and write a blog.

    So after talking with this member (very knowledgeable) I felt this would be the best direction for expanding My Organic Care Business was to get someone who's an expert in their field and let them do what they do best....and leave my thoughts and time to what I do best.

    I would keep reading this web form and you will see and read a lot of good answers for websites.

    I felt (for me) it would be better to pay someone who is very helpful, knowledgeable in the ever changing web world, and had a keen eye to detail. Plus this member really puts his heart into his work, not just trying to knock out a cookie cutter site just to collect your money.

    We talked for about an hour on the direction I was taking My business and came to an conclusion for some of the website fundamentals.

    So far, everything is coming along great I really like their insight with business and lawn care background.

    And like the old saying goes..."You get what you pay for". And a website is by far the best calling card you can hand out.
  3. dynamicearth

    dynamicearth LawnSite Member
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    Rick thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking the same as you. Hire a pro and let them do their job. I can't do it all and I want this to look great. I like your embedded videos. I see you have the Exmark ride on aerator. How do you like that? I've been thinking about buying that machine for the last 2 years but the $9k price tag just really scares me for something that is used 2x per year vs. a mower that cost the same and I use for 32 weeks a year. I have 2 Plugr's that I like but they sure do beat up the body after a few long days in a row.
  4. Rick13

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    The pluggers are nice machines, where they pull more plugs per pass, but the riding aerator will make up the difference by overlapping and speed wise.

    The ExMark Aerator has been a great machine. Basic maintenance, tightening the chains, and oil changes....otherwise I haven't had any problems.

    I was lucky, I got it at a fleet price plus 3 years interest for being a solo was a good deal for me.

    If you are looking for someone, let me know....I've got about 50% of my new site done, and the nice thing once their done....I will be able to update the site, load videos, pictures, and finally have a blog to promote "specials and events".

    Thanks about the videos....they were off the camera phone, so this year I should get some better videos of some of my services.

    Let me know....he's very good and I think for what's he's doing.....well worth the money.

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