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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrazerZ, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. GrazerZ

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    Ok. I have'nt done it yet, but I am seriously cosidering it. Has anyone else done this before? I would like to build a tree sprayer that will get me up into the trees 50' or more. I have a lesco truck mounted sprayer now that will get me about 35' or so. But higher would be better. The reason for it is that I have gotten an increased interest in spraying trees this year for Brown tails and gypsy moths. And many of the Oaks especially are quite large. Changing my tank over to trees from lawn stuff is a major pain. With that all said, what do you guys think is a good setup and any recommendations are apreciated. Thanx...
  2. agrostis palustris

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    The Bean sprayers are top of the line as far as I know for spraying trees. They are also rather costly I would think. They are the big metal red ones.
  3. GrazerZ

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    Thats why I want to make my own. Its way cheaper...
  4. dan deutekom

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    I would think the main thing to keep in mind is to get a pump that supplies high pressure. Lawn spray only needs low pressure but to spray tall trees you need the pressure to shoot the spray up that high. Usually this means a piston pump. Match up a gun and spray tip that will shoot that far and the rest is like a lawn sprayer. I don't think you would need as large a tank as lawn sprayers unless you get into tree spraying in a big way
  5. Kevin M.

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    Its very simple to go from spraying plants and then onto trees. All you have to do is to change the PSI to a higher speed so the water pressure is higher coming thru the pump which will make the water flow to your hose faster !!! You dont need a special new pump or anything. You also might look and see if you have a tree spraying gun or buy a new tip at lesco which they usually have.

    Look at a Hypro 9910-D813

    800psi hose.

    Kevin if he is using a D30 pump or equivalant he cannot get enough volume to get 50 to 75 feet in a tree.

    In order to get that high you must have the following;

    High PSI.

    Addiquate volume.

    Sure you can get high psi pumps but they wont give you the hight you need to spray trees. That takes volume. Both of these listed above will get you up there. The next thing is the right gun.

    If you have a lesco you probably have a Hyrpo D30 pump. 580psi 8.5gpm max.

    When you pressurize water, it brings the volume down a cosiderable amount.

    Next you need horse power to run the pump. A 5.5hp Honda wont do it. Need around 8hp.

    You will be lo0king in the range of $1500 for pump an engine.

    $500 electric rewind hose reel

    $350 for 300' of 800psi hose

    Tank from a 200gal for $180 to .................

    The rest is all lower costing parts that add up fast.

    Also you will most likely need a skid aprox $400
  7. ipm

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    Have you ever considered another application method:confused: I would not recommend spraying an insecticide 50' drift, etc.:eek:
  8. GrazerZ

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    IPM, we do also do systemic injections. But if spraying 50' in the air is a problem then I'll have to turn away alot of work to companys with sprayers that can put it up there 75 or more feet. Yes there are times when I won't spray, but really thats a whole nother issue for later.
    Lawn Godfather, right now I have a hypro403. I could maybe get a bit more height out of it with an extra large tip for my jd9. But crankn the psi up high enough to do that is'nt worth the possible breakdowns to me. Your right about the GPM and PSI ratio problem. I got a price today on the d813 with control set up to bolt on a 11hp engine for 1466.00. It puts out 21.4 GPM max and 725 psi max. That will get me 60' up in the are. But its a bit steep.
    I can get a d503 with controls for 1143.00 for an 8hp engine. The guy that quoted the prices sayed that 50' is about the limit of that pump though.
    One of the big expenses is the engines the 8.5 hp is'nt bad My dealer can get me a kholer thats made by yamaha- a nice unit-for 499.00. But the good 11hp engines flot around 1000.00
    So I guess i'll have to decide how high my pockets can afford.

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