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Ashland, MA
Hello All,
I've seen some impressive stuff in the short time on this site. Congrats to all of you for your dedication to the field.
I'm curious what your marketing plans look like to expand for next season. Although our operations run year round, we tend to see a seasonality to our business (much like landscaping and lawn care). That being said, now is the time that we gear up and develop our marketing plan for next spring and summer. We had a great summer this year and added two trucks to our fleet. My hopes are to be busy enough to add two more next spring/summer season.
I am looking for specifics in what works for all of you (ie. door hangers, print advertising, yellow pages, etc.).
I see JUST MOWING seems to have a particularly aggressive marketing plan in place and am interested in hearing from them and everyone else.
Thanks in advance.


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You had an increase in sales this year, so you know what is bringing customers into your flow in your area already. Increasing your presence in the area that is already providing the most bang for your buck is your surest bet. For our industry, there is not a pat answer to what will work in every market, even with the same services. So there certainly would be no way of venturing off a guess, even to another service industry based co., what will work for the customer you seek, even in the same area. For instance, say you have a dominating TV station in your area with a home arts guru that does segments during the 6 oclock news. That's obviously a ripe spot to seek ad placement for the demographics that would be popular with. But I don't have that here and yellow pages are inneffective to the services that I sold in this market, but were useful in a smaller market to the north. Mailers worked some years here and others got thrown in the garbage, with the same message. It's a moving target (effective advertising), but if you have something working, stay with it until it plays out. That being said, how about sponsoring yard/garage sales? Twenty bucks, you get to stick a yard sign in the ground early AM, you'll haul big purchases to their new owners and take away all the rest for a reasonable fee? maybe? lol..not hard to find them and maybe not a great money maker that day, BUT exposure, exposure, exposure and my favorite, cheap.

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Hi rbriggs,

What type of services would you be marketing?

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