Building my side dump trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by IMAGE, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Laner

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    Awesome work Image! I wish I could find the time to get mine built. I'll see how things go this summer and possibly try to get a dump box built so it's ready for leaves this Fall.
    Again, nice work! Let us know how you like it after you have used it this Spring.
  2. IMAGE

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    Thanks Laner! One of the main reasons I wanted the winch on the side, and not pulling from the center is because I want to turn it into an enclosed leaf box. It twisted alot with only one winch, so I added the front one, and now it doesnt twist at all, definately a cheap way to build a dump. I have about $600 into it all, steal, plywood, and winches.

    I definately will let you all know how it works as soon as I get a good chance to load it up.:weightlifter:

    Good luck on yours, just ask if you have any questions when you get to building.
  3. mrmoww

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    Hey Image.... first of all kick butt trailer, I have been wanting to build one myself for several years now, but haven't had the time. Thought I would just buy one but can't stomach the price for what u get(dump trailers). Your unit is an awesome multi use trailer. I like the fact that you can haul your equipment plus the debris. If you don't mind me asking what did you use for your winches and where did you get them? And the second question is what is the blue sheeting and where did u get such a product? You did all this for 600.00 correct? How so cheap? I know you did all the work, and I will too. You did an awesome job on it. Hey how do I find that sweet taters trailer? That was a nice design too. I like some of the features on both trailers and wouldn't mind implementing them into my trailer when I get that far. That is if you guys don't mind.
  4. kc2006

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    Nice work, the only thing I don't like is dumping to the side. I have a dump site that is only used by me and that would still be a pain to dump at. What happens when the pile backs up to the box and won't allow it to flow out anymore? Do you just drive forward? If so that's going to waste space with small piles. Low trailer means small piles.

    I thought about going opposite of you, dump in the rear, deck in the front. having the dump in the front is going to make that trailer crazy tongue heavy, I know I can get a good 3k lbs of grass in my truck in one day, thats alot of weight at the very front, your mower only weighs what 1000lbs in the back. If you look at the places that fab and sell trailers, they always put the dump in the back, or have a goofy wheel placement if the dump is in the front. The trailer you have would work great for the way I want to do it, build a good 7' wide gate on the side and put the dump in the back.

    Hopefully it works out good for you. Beats forking the crap off the truck
  5. IMAGE

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    Here is Sweet Tatur's trailer:

    I used Grip brand 12volt winches that I got from Fleet Farm. They are Power In and Power Out. I have them hooked up to each side of the box, and each one is doubled back to itself to slow the line speed down(fools the winch into lifting 2x as much). The winches were $70 each, and the snatch blocks were $15 each. So about $170 into winches.

    The blue stuff is expanded pvc sheeting. I actually got it free, because it is garbage to a local company. They do plastic fixtures and signs, and when they order bulk plastics this is the junk sheet from the very top and very bottom of each pallet. I got the hook up on that because I am friends with a guy that works there. Total cost $0

    I got the steel for 1/2 $ of normal, because I got it from a welding shop that gets it for wholesale cost, instead of a steel yard/salvage yard. I just asked them to throw those extra pieces onto thier order, because they get 2 truck loads of steel delivered per week. We used thier bandsaw and cut it all to length there also, so all I had to do was assemble/weld it. Total Cost $300, including a tip. Also, good friends with an employee there.

    The plywood was extra from building a shop last yr. It's 1/2" CDX, that I got on a day after Thanksgiving sale for $10 a sheet. Yes I bought lots extra :) So total cost of plywood was about $80-$90.

    Other then that, it was just some bolts and screws, and some wire/argon.

    When you break it down like that, and see where $$ was saved, it just goes to show ya how important networking is.
  6. IMAGE

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    Yeah thanks, it should work for me. I thought about the rear dump also. But since I will have a bagger on the back of the Z most of the time, it would not fit sideways on the trailer. Also, I needed a gate in the rear for ease in parking. Also my 66" Lazer is almost 1500lbs, plus the bagger. Also throw a 500lb metro 32" on there, and misc other stuff, and it will even out pretty well. I figure the truck will be carrying about 1000lbs tounge weight when its all loaded, which is nothing for my HD, I have had a whole pallet of salt(2500lbs) in the box and it only squats about 2".

    As for dumping, well I will make it work, it may make a bit of a mess, but it will be better than doing it the hard way!:drinkup:
  7. Laner

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    IMAGE -Now that you have had a couple years to use the trailer. How do you like it? Is there anything you would do differently?

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