Building new house and want to do my own irrigation?


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People say it's easy to install. I am construction literate. I thought I would start here. I need tips, a run through. A ditch witch :) Thank you


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Visalia, CA
Like others who come here that are going to install their own irrigation systems I'd recommend that you start with which will give you good all around advice.

Besides that I'd recommend:

1. Have the largest POC (point of connection) that you can; greatest pressure with greatest GPM makes for more leeway when designing zones. Test it! Don't assume what you think you have.

2. Design head-to-head (or as close as possible). This will eliminate thinly watered areas that will be prone to weeds and other problems.

3. Don't mix sprinkler types; i.e. spray pop-ups with rotors.

4. Choose a zone sprinkler that has good matching precipitation and don't max out all the zones. Leaves room in case you add hardscape, shed, etc. at a later time which WILL be on your honey-do list in the future.

5. Automate; don't go manually activated. You'll save money and time.

6. Design with winterizing in mind; right materials at proper depths, PVB/BF that is easily drained/blown out, attachment for blowing out system, etc.

There's plenty more but I'll leave it to some of the other guys/gals for now.