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    I want to build a set of split ramps for an open trialer I have... I know of design for them But I am unsure of gauge of steel to use to fabricate them.... My steel supplier was no help..... Basically I am going to use square tubing to create the frame work and supports and angle to make the top and bottom ends, and an expanded mesh for the floor........ So what size square tubing would be good enough and what gauge is 1-1/2" tubing good enough , but what gauge 1/8" ?? is that too thick cause thats gonna be heavy for a 5 or 6 foot long ramp... and the mesh, 10 gauge ?? or they said they even have it as thick as 1/4" but thats gotta be overkill....... Thanks for the feedback on this I want it to be safe and not get all bent and mangleed but not tear my back out....... I am guessing 1500 lbs will be the max weight going up and down it for like a ZTR or walker type machine... Thanks
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    SCAPEASAURUSREX - I'm not sure of the gauge ,but I had a car hauler trailer that had 2 ramps. They were 1 1/2" square tubing with angle iron pieces between them. I had 2 ramps that slid back and forth on a 1" or so rod connected to the back of the trailer. They were very strong. I drove a bobcat up on them with no problem ,and hauled several cars again no problem. If you want to make a gate the full width of your trailer you probably will want some kind of assist on it to lift. It will be pretty heavy ,mine were only approx. 15" wide and 5' long each and they were heavy. There have been several pictures on here of guys who have built spring loaded assists for gates.

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    Smitty, Thanks, The trailer I have is a skid steer trailer with the ladder ramps like you mention, but you cant easily get mowers on and off of it and wheel barrow, etc. So I want to replace those ladder ramps with a solid mesh ramp like on a regular landscape trailer........
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    Square tube will work, but my experience has been that it will eventually it will sag. My 18 foot trailer uses 2 inch I beams for the ramps. They handle the tractor with bush hog and in two years I've had no sag in the ramps. One thing to be sure and consider if you go with either design is to put in a "ground" brace in the center of each ramp. That will stop excessive lift on the back of your tow vehicle and will help reduce the tendency to sag.
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    I just made a single ramp gate for my new second mowing trailer I just purchased. On mine I used all 2" angle and I already had a 4'x8' sheet of expanded (cant remember guage though). It is only 4.5' long (same as other trailer purchased that way) and I think it is long enough. The angle peices that run verically are no wider than 12" on center and handle sag from tires presure fairly well so far. I can take pictures of it tomarrow and post if you like. Or you can e-mail me.
    Oh yea angle is 1/8" thick
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    I used 2" angle to build my split ramps. they open like doors and then they also both fold down as a single unit to make a ramp. They are 6' long and my trailer is 83" wide so they are very heavy but I made a spring assist out of a garage door torgue spring and I can lift them both with one hand. The one thing I would say is buy the heaviest mesh you can find and weld every single joint. My mesh has lasted me 5 years without any problem.

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