Building of a Scrub truck

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. Runner

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  2. a1 lawncare

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    just kiddin man that thing is looking great, what brand of wheels did you use, that is one clean machine, good work.

  3. 75

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    Hey! My mind of wheels! I LIKE them older GM's!

    At work, I drive something similar: '79 Chev C-30, although "mine" is set up as a welding truck.

    A1 lawncare - those are actually stainless liners that fit over the stock steel "budd" rim. Compared to the cost of custom aluminum wheels, they're a little more reasonably priced!

    c-30 (1).jpg
  4. Runner

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    Aw, THAT is sweet! I would give anything to have another truck like that as a "sister" truck. Especially as a welding truck! A-1, yeah, those are just stainless liners. Never pit, never rust.:)
  5. 75

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    Your pics remind me of the overhaul I did on my own '75 GMC dually back in the summer of '96 - everything was off the frame except the cab & rear axle. Built a new deck for it then & put new "tin" on it as well.

    As for the welding truck ,my employer DID spring for one feature I think yours doesn't have (at least not yet! ;) ) :

    c-30 hood.jpg
  6. CSRA Landscaping

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    Scrub truck?! That is one nice job, friend. You've inspired me ... once I get the extra dough. :rolleyes:
  7. TLS

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    Hey Runner, sweet ride! These trucks are around for real cheap, problem is you have to start watching for frame rot (not to mention the obvious body rot that they were known for!)

    Here's a pic of my old truck. Took a few trophy's in local car shows.

    '76 chevy.jpg
  8. Runner

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    Tom, Now awesome! You're right about the frame and body rust... Before I took the old cab off, it had holes in the floorboard big enough that if someone fell off the seat, they'd fal through. The doors were flappin' in the breeze as well. Before I put it back together, I wirewheeled all the frame, changed the brakelines and electrical, fishplated it, then had it sealed with rustproofing. Even though it doesn't get driven in the winter, anymore. Michigan winters are like the worst on vehicles. Nothing but salt, all the time.
    75, You're right, that ONE thing I don't have! Looks good!:D
  9. 75

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    TLS - I like it! I have to admit, I have a soft spot for '73 - '80 Chev/GMC trucks, and so does a friend of mine - between us, we figure there's enough parts on hand to build a couple of trucks!

    Runner - Ontario is the same with salt - they believe in quantity! Unfortunately, both the welding truck and my '75 get driven in the winter :( Rustproofing does help some.

    Although these trucks are prone to rust, the plus side is they are so popular and numerous that repair panels are readily available for everything, and as far as fenders/doors/hood are concerned it's easier to bolt on new than repair rust on the old!
  10. TLS

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    Here it is the day I bought it (March 1987) off of this 75 y/o guy. $1250.00 and the next day sold the cap for $250 !!! It was running on 6 cylinders and had bias belted tires on it. It was originally a one owner Silverado with 3 on-the-tree 3.08 gears and aftermarket air. Sold it in 1990 for $6800. Its now in the PA mountains somewhere in a field with a tree growing up through it (probably). Oh well. Some things we should keep, and some things we should sell. This, I wish I would have kept. Swapped in a crate 350"/350hp, HD 4 speed manual (wish I would have swapped in a TH-400) NP-205, Plow, all new sheet metal/paint. God am I kicking myself right now!!! UGGGHH!

    '76 chevy before.jpg

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