Building tear down (pics?)

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by sven1277, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I have the opportunity to bid on a 35 by 40' building tear down. The original 20 by 30' has concrete block walls. The remaining size comes from several goofy additions. Slab foundation and utilities area already disconnected. I'm sure my mini ex and skid can handle the job but wonder if it would be worth it to rent a larger ex for efficiency. (It is on a main road and I don't want to look like a tard w/o the right equip.) I will rent a breaker attachment for the skid for the foundation. I plan on estimating the cost based on my standard machine rates. Do any of you have this type of work experience? Is there anything not obvious I should consider when bidding? Time wise, I would plan on a full day for the demo and a full day for cleanup, dumpster loading. I don't think it will take that long, but would rather be safe then sorry. Thanks for any input




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    metal worth bringing to the scrap yard?

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    Looks like fun
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    well, good luck ta-ya. Most likely the job will be awarded to an excavating contractor that is adequately equipped for the tear down, removal, and hauling. Don't let that stop you, though, go for it.
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    I agree the bigger demo. contractors can do it so much cheaper and faster. But that said do bid on it to at lease to learn.Also here you must be a general contractor to pull the demo permits.My thoughts on metal... job too small to take time and remove metal unless your dump site requires it. good luck
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    Post it in the heavy equipment forum, you'll get alot more responces..

    What size is your skid and mini ex?

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