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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pryker, Jul 1, 2004.

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    House had a driveway paved not too long ago and now need to build up the lawn to the height of the paved drive. Can I just dump fill dirt on top of the old grass and then lay sod? Do I really need to rototill the lawn first? The driveway is 300 feet long and tilling would be a pain.

    I have someone coming to "blow" a topsoil/compost mix but need to know if I need to till up the area first.


  2. Norm Al

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    1) yes
    2) no

    have fun and keep it green!
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    As long as you have a good depth of your topsoil, first. Ultimately, you shjould have a depth of around 2 inches to allow for smoothing and leveling, and to assure room for root grip. When you first wrote the term "fill dirt", I was really apprehensive on what I would read on the rest of the post, but if your having a topsoil type material brought in, you're on the right track. Incidentally, you are going to pay special attention to the watering of this sod, because as watering requirements for sod are to do it a couple of times a day at a depth for the water to reach the root sytem, you will also need to moniter the edges, as the sod will get real hot being right next to the blacktop. Make sure you roll your edges down that are butting to the asphalt, also, as well as your ends.

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