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Built a site for my brothers business. Would like some feedback

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by the3marmot, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. the3marmot

    the3marmot LawnSite Member
    Messages: 3

    Hey guys,
    I built a site for my brother and although I know a lot about other industries, neither he nor myself know much about websites related to lawncare. I would like you guys feedback if you have time. I'm also curious to know what you guys do for adwords/marketing.

    Website is: trucutamarillo.com

    So far w/ marketing I'm targeting lawn care amarillo primarily. We were doing lawn care isolated to 20 mile range, but for some reason were getting clicks from over 600 miles away so we modified that. (i know very little about google adwords - I'm just a lonely systems admin/developer). Idk if you guys can share what your doing w/ adwords but if anyone has tips you can share that would be super helpful.

  2. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,864

    Site looks good. You could improve on the usual things. Location info, photos, off-site citations, on-site SEO (H tags, meta descrip, titles, etc).

    Read the seomoz and Google beginners SEO guides.

    Your TITLE tags could use some work. For example, your Services page has a title of "Services | TruCut Lawn Care – Amarillo and Canyon Lawncare – TruCut Every Time". You waste valuable real estate with the simple use of the generic "Services", as well as a double use of your branding/tagline. There is no value whatsoever in your brand being used twice and your tagline being in there. Think of it from the searchers perspective and you'll realize there is zero search value/volume for "Trucut every time".

    Centered content is not how we are conditioned to read.

    The About Us page's "Our Skills", I don't have a clue why that's on the site, or what it means, other than maybe it's part of the template you used and you left it in? My interpretation is that I don't want to hire Trucut to plow my driveway as you seem to have a snow removal proficiency of a C- grade, your Christams light installs are marginally better, and your Commercial Mowing is better than average but not quite spectacular?

    I see some lorem ipsum text, so it's obviously a work in progress, but I'm not sure if the FAQ is or not. If it's a finished product, the answers need attention. "Absolutely." "Yes, we do." and..."Yes, we do." are not providing any useful detail, beyond the affirmative.

    Get the all-important contact info in your header/footer. Don't make people search to find out how to give you their money.

    You have a ton of available real estate on each page. If you can work a small contact form into a sidebar on each page, you will likely see a bump in leads.

    Check your theme's responsive behavior. When I go to a mobile/tablet size, your header turns dark grey. (if you're not sure what i mean, scale your browser down to a small size, take a look at your responsive.css header#siteheader #sitetitle and "custom header styles" of your page template)

    Re: Adwords, it's hard to provide useful advice without knowing what you're doing with the Ad content and what you're driving it to. Since you have a new site, that's not finished, are you just instructing Adwords clickers to call you?
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013

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