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    Hi,my wife and I will be sarting a LCO in the spring.We would like to ask for your help with suggestions for a buisness name.In the begining we'll be doing lawn maintenance and snowplowing.I concerned about just lawn care in the name because in the future we might do landscaping.If we just call it whatever landscaping,might people think we don't do lawn maintenance?Some names we thought of are;
    L&R Lawn and Landscaping
    LR Lawn and Landscaping
    Big Timber Lawn and Landscaping
    We'd apreciate any suggestions you all can make.Thankyou,BASIC.
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    Sorry BASIC,

    Man I hate to do this to you. And I hate it when people say this but, do a search. This will be about the fourth time this has came up in the last three weeks. Sorry, man.
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    Personally, I don't care for anything that is the owners last name attached with L&L behind it or the Marks mowing stuff, not that its bad, its just that I wouldn't. Its just to common and nothing makes it stand out. But if you want to use your name, be classy and sharp. here in Lexington, the largest is Hillenmeyer, family name but no L&L attached thus no limitations in the future about services, it seems all the little guys are L&L though, just my opinion.
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