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I was wanting to know the big secret on how to obtain the fastest amount of customers possible. I have the add in the paper (service section), I have the business cards, I have the one on the television that runs every 5 minutes at fifteen seconds a time 24 hours a day. The calls just are not coming in like i had planed but I guess that is life. My goal was forty by the end of the first year for my low number my high number was sixty. Those numbers were going to make me happy. Just give me some more advice on how to get these customers and some more advice on what I should do for more advertising. Thanks Advanced Lawn Care


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wow, 40-60 would be quite impressive.

a very good way to pick up good customers is to wow the heck outta the customers you have now with your professionalism and great looking lawns. then, they might refer you to their friends or family who might be looking for service when the season gets started.

you might want to try something with flyers, or postcards, or letters directed at the neighborhoods you are interested in.


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Good luck, I'm sure everyone on this forum would go crazy if we could pick up that many new customers a year and if it were that easy. It takes time, lots of time. Like charlies said, word of mouth will be your best advertising.

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