bulge on front caster tires

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by wildbilly1113, Jul 7, 2002.

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    dear exmark, I had to replace both front caster tires on my lazer 27 lc due to bulges on the tires at 207 hours. My dealer said there is no warranty so I had to pay out of pocket.Now one of the new tires are developing a bulge! Anyone else having this problem?I keep my tire pressure at 13 lb. Love my Exmark!:angel:
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    Wild billy,

    Generally this bulge is referred to as a bruise. I contacted a couple of tire suppliers a few months back regarding this same issue and from what they tell me this would not be considered a defect and would not be an item either they or Exmark would warranty.

    The bruise your seeing is generally caused by broken cords in the tire construction. Most often the cords will be broken at the bead which allows the pressurized air to work its way between the different layers in the tires construction. There have been some suggestions that this can be caused by a severe "scuff" to the side wall but this would account for an extremely small number of these "bruises". Generally when the cord is damaged the "bruise" will begin to show up fairly quickly under daily use.

    Several things can cause the cords to break. The most common would be improper installation of the tire after it's been removed to for a repair. If the wrong type of equipment is used it can break the cord allowing this failure to occur. The cords can also be damaged at the bead if the tire takes a severe impact and becomes pinched between the object your running over and the rim. If this is occurring than adding a few more pounds of pressure to the tire may help as well. Personally I would run about 16 PSI all the way around on the Lazers.


  3. wildbilly1113

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    Dear Exmark, These bulges look more like Tysons eye after Lewis knocked him out!They are not bruises! If you ask me they are defective!Carlisle makes decent drive tires but sucky small tires!I'll take your suggestion and go to 16lb but WHEN the new ones go i'm going Japanese! Thanks!
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    I developed a bulge on one of my Lazer caster tires at 600 hours. Within a week of noticing it just burst open...a nice 3/4 inch rip...dripping with Slime! No plugging that one! I noticed that the area of the tear was VERY, VERY thin...probably due to the lack of cords in that area.

    I would replace it before it blows (which usually occurs at the worst time possible...Murphy's Law).

    I replaced them with a brand call KENDA that my local Exmark dealer had in stock. They are 4-ply and were a bit more substantial (thicker and heavier) than the original Carlisle's.
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    Have you tried the airless foam filled tires. They are a bit more expensive but might solve your problems.

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