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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Dig-it Landscaping, May 29, 2006.

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    I have a customer wanting 110 cleveland select pear trees installed along the streets of his new development. We are getting all of the landscaping in this development so i want to give him a good deal. First of all he is set on planting at least 4" caliper trees which is going to drive the price way up. So my first question is does anyone know of a good supplier that i can get this quanity and size from for a reasonable price? Second question how many % discount would you give this customer over your regular prices? I know what i would normally charge and what i have tocharge to make money but i am looking for suggestions since he is giving me 100 tons of natural stone hardscaping, the entire landscae install, maint for at least 5 years, and a recommendation to the 37 new homeowners of these 1-2 million $ houses.
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    no clue just make sure you make him happy with all that business he giving you. u lucky bastard
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    looks like you need to upgrade your equiptment big time
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    The dangling carrot is the oldest trick in the book. Do not discount your work on promises. Sometimes what looked like a carrot is really something else.

    One of the ways these guys operate is to get the price for the whole thing as if it were to be done all at once. Then you find yourself planting five now. Ten in three weeks,.... In the end, you find that you passed on a savings based upon expected efficiency and a bulk purchase that never happens. Instead it comes in dribs and drabs and is more disruptive than profitable.

    Always beware of the person who should have the resources to hire experienced large efficient crews who somehow says he wants to give a little guy the big break he needs. It really does not make sense.

    The worst thing is to want to value a particular job more than the person wanting it done. That is when we make mistakes.
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    Call mike for these trees (816) 573-1212. Tell him Dave at travel"n trees sent you.
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    Where in LS are you guy located? Sell anything else???
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    We are getting ready to open up on 150 highway in the next week or so got some killer deals on pavers and trees, we already sell these to other landscapers, just adding dirt, rock, sand, mulch, and portable bridges and water falls and pizza ovens, and fire pits. We won't skimp either on what you get.
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    Yep a broker tried that crap on me a couple weeks ago, wasted a few hours of my times, told me all the thngs he'd get me if I gave him a good price. I gave him standard prices and haven't heard from him since. I have learned my lesson for when someone mentions "cheapest" to tell them right then and there on the phone to find someone else.

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    How far are you from Cincinnati? Can hekp you out and keep shipping low.


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