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Bulk Mail

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tony S, Jan 17, 2000.

  1. Jeff,<p>What kind of customers read free papers?<br>Ones that can't afford to buy a real newspaper. The price ($37) is no big deal<br>but are you sure this is the type of customer<br>you want to attract?<p>Hint: venture out into the high end res. area<br>and see what paper most of the folks are reading by looking at the little plastic paper holders on the mailboxes. Spend some of your ad<br>budget with that paper. Most papers do inserts by zip code. Contact another non-competitive home based business to split the costs (you get one side of the insert).<p>Have the inserts inserted on a friday around<br>St. Pattys day. Hang around the phone for<br>that weekend. Also place a small classifed<br>ad in the same paper for a month starting<br>the same day your inserts hit the street.<p>P.S. Make sure you have a e-mail addy and<br>a web addy on the inserts.<p>Go to TownServer.com and you can make a FREE<br>business web site.<p>
  2. Dear Admin,<p>What gives you the right to modify my posts?<p>The website I refered to is not the same<br>one I wrote.<p>Please explain your actions.
  3. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator
    Messages: 865

    Your link was a conflict of interest.<p>We offer free business hosting at http://www.townserver.com<p>
  4. Nilsson Associates

    Nilsson Associates LawnSite Member
    Messages: 243

    I've been using direct mail methods for over ten years ... this is what I've discovered:<p>1. Bulk mail is cheap, but not as effective as using a first class stamp. First class gets 20% more attention, initially.<p>2. It takes 7 consecutive mailings to the same address, for the addressee to remember what they received.<p>3. A hand written address while extremely time consuming .. can be the way to go with a limited mailing list. You're better off mailing to let's say 200 or 300 top quality, high income properties (each month) going first class, than you are making a bulk mailing to 5,000 with a cheap &quot;piece&quot;. It's not quantity .. it's quality.<p>4. Telemarketing is much more effective than any direct mail piece. You can get the demographics from www.experian.com for residences with incomes of $70,000 or more, to use in your campaign. <p>5. Expect a 2.5% response rate (if) your piece is on target. <p>6. A hand written envelope from an unknown sender is opened about 99% of the time, whereas a cheap bulk mailed piece is discarded generally 95% of the time (unread).<p>7. Using the color &quot;red&quot; on the outside of a mailing piece gets about 50% more attention than using any other color.<p>8. Time the mailings so they are received by the recipient only from Tuesdays through Thursdays. That's possible when you go first class, but not generally with bulk mail.<p>9. In order of importance:<br> a. The address &quot;area&quot; is seen first<br> b. The &quot;sender's area&quot; is seen second<br> c. The &quot;postage area&quot; is seen third<br> d. But the color &quot;red&quot; is seen first<br> if you have a compelling message.<p>Everybody has their &quot;methods&quot; but generally I think you're better off when using direct mail to mail to a smaller audience, and use a first class mailing piece, going first class postage stamp, high quality envelope, a single piece of paper inside(letterhead) with one or two photos printed on it, hand signed letter, very brief intro to your company. In other words ... make it &quot;personal&quot;. <p>Response rates go up dramatically, when you personalize the mailings. Think &quot;quality mailings&quot; ... not &quot;quantity mailings&quot;.<p>Nilsson Associates, Consultants<p>
  5. jeffclc

    jeffclc Guest
    Messages: 0

    L.S.- I was simply passing along some info that I had picked up. Actually, everyone reads this paper. It has much local info and lots of local high school sports info( HS sports are HUGE around here). A paper is delivered to every household, so there is no real specific targeting, only by zip code.<p>I was simply refering to it as a low cost way to do a large quantity to a relativitly specific area. I personally have done only very limited advertising over the years.

    MRPLOW LawnSite Member
    Messages: 88

    Jeffci that is about the same price I got for paper around me. It's a wednesday paper for a couple of cities that costs $1.00. Insert prices were 1000 for $35.00, you supply the flyers. I have used this for aeration services in springtime and got about 2% return.
  7. Phil,<p>Can you give the group some insight in regards to small selective mailing (first class) to high end residenitals between going with postcards vs. personalized letters & envelopes?<p>I have done both (using a database of property transfers from the previous calendar<br>year) and find little difference in response<br>(5-7%) on the inital mailing to justify the added labor and expense.<p>With postcards I just use formal black and white and use my own design (MS PUB)with<br>a black and white printed label.<p>The red color is right on. I have a red<br>stamp that says &quot;first class mail&quot; that I<br>use to give the cards some color.<p>
  8. Jeff,<p>If HS football is so big in the west how come<br>Berwick (part of my commercial service area)always beats the team from the WPIAA<br>in the state championship game? :)

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