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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenI.A., Dec 31, 2010.

  1. GreenI.A.

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    I have used a direct mail service in the past for marketting but am wondering if anyone has done bulk mail on their own.

    I can print card stock postcards on my printer, and have priced out cost of ink and ppaper and everything. My bulk mail service will sell me the customer list they have used with my requested demegraphics, such as property values, home owner income etc.., the way i figure it the cost to purchase the list will be met after 3 or 4 mailings if I do them my self.

    My question is, where do you start to do bulk mail, if you are not going thru a service provider? I will have everything all set other than the printed stamp, how do I go about this?

    the main reason I want to do this on my own compared to continuing with the service is that I want more control over which neighborhoods get certain mailings for different services at different times. I plan to spend this season fine tuning my marketting to see exactly what works best by tracking everything mailer and recording the return rates

    Any hel to push me in the right direction would be great!!
  2. srl28

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    Wondering the same thing as you. Have a mailing list and all the marketing material I want to send, now what!?
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    Go to the post office and ask to speak with the post master. Its a service charge once a year of 400 or so and then normally .23 cents per letter but you have to have a minimum of I believe 2,500 every time you mail. They all have to be faced also and a bunch of other little rules. In short the only way you will make that work is if you plan to mail thousands and thousands and thousands of post cards.
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  4. GreenI.A.

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    thanks, i'll heck it out. I looked online with little result and figured going in would be a last resort. I'm planning 4 different mailings of 5k each, so 20k @ .23 = 4,600 +400 annual fee = $5k for mailings plus card stock and print, still within my budget with my drirect control with the spread sheet of who gets what. Ohh and he labor will be free, I already told my girl friend she'll be doing it in exchange for food and the roof over her head.
  5. walker-talker

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    Might check with your local Mailing Services. I was quoted .139 cents per piece when I got a quote to mail (6000) 5.5" x 8.5" postcards. They were not going to print them, but print the addresses on them. For that I was going to pay around $200 and another $60 for the mailing list. Keep in mind that this postage rate was for mail carrier routes only. I called to get a quote for the same sized postcard, but non-carrier routes. She never got back with me, but told me on the phone that it was not much more than the .139 rate. I think I read somewhere to mail to carrier routes with a bulk permit, it was like .12 cents each.
  6. Joe Shooner

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    I'd consider looking into a mailing house/mailing service. If you have the list and the materials you can easily dictate the delivery times, etc. if you use a professional mailing house. I provide materials, mailing lists and direction to my mailing house all the time with no problems.

    The post office has some fairly particular rules about postage rates, and generally it's like this: the more work you do for them the less you pay in postage. You might not be able to process, sort and tray them per USPS specs, and if you don't you'll be charged a higher postage rate. A mailing house can ease some of that concern because it's their job to process mailings as efficiently as possible.

    Also, walker, that type of postage rate would probably correspond to a saturation mailing into carrier routes, which can be effective, though some people really don't like mail without a name on it, which is what you'd be sending. Pre-sort standard mail with full name addresses etc. will probably cost more like $0.24-.25/piece in postage.
  7. rnd

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    First of all you might find these 2 links useful:



    Next, I just wanted to say, you don't have to mail to as many names as you can as fast as you can.

    You need to test a few postcards to let say 200-300 name first. When you find a combination that gets the phone ringing ramp up your mailing.

    Also look into consulting with a copywriter to review your postcard and your offer before mailing.
  9. Adeas Printing

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    Hi everyone - I'm hoping I can shed some light on this for you all. I have been with our company for over 10 years and have over 9 years of direct mail experience which sounds like a lot but is actually necessary when dealing with the post office (haha). Here are some basics... You do have to purchase a mailing permit and renew it yearly in order to process bulk mail. The minimum you must mail per mailing to qualify for the bulk mail discount is 200 pieces. If you mail to at least 90% of a carrier route you will receive the saturation discount which could be as low as $0.139. You actually can purchase a saturation (occupant) mailing list and request to include names where available. The cost is only slightly higher for the list and will include names... well, where available, so not every record will have a name but some or most will. You can actually narrow down your list per carrier route based on average income, home value etc. and remove businesses & apartments & still qualify for saturation ... I can help you with this. If you want to do specific demographics the non-saturation cost could go up to approximately $0.24 per piece for postage. The cool thing about these types of mailings is you aren't limited to the tiny 6x4 post card & you can mail out a 6x9 or even 5.5 x 11 post card for the same postage price.

    I am happy to explain more of this in detail with any of you -- or if you would like to provide me with some zip code information I can gladly send you a report with information about the carrier routes (no cost of course for this report). Right now we have a special offer for 200 post cards for as low as $99 and we have other great offers on our Postcard Stick-Its that really increase your return because the consumer can keep them in view on their refrigerator as they would a magnet only it works on the popular stainless steel refrigerators also - no residue & repositionable! call me direct 866-778-4254 ext. 212, email me at robin@adeasprinting.com or check out our website www.adeasprinting.com/products Thanks & good luck to you all this season!
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    Hey there - I just posted some information I think you will find very helpful but also wanted to add that our standard price with no discounts or anything for a FULL COLOR - 9"x6" Postcard with Stick-It - mailed & including saturation postage is $0.27 per piece when you order 5,000. For non-saturation (like your special demographic list) it is $0.36 per piece & our current special online offers you this at $0.01 per piece off & includes free design. No hidden costs... no surprises, I walk you through this step by step. Let me know if you have any questions - my specialty is to help figure out what you are wanting & help make it happen as cost effectively as possible.

    Robin Christopherson
    Adeas Printing
    (866) 778-4254 ext.212

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