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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rosolar, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. rosolar

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    For you guys who buy mulch wholesale and stock pile it, when do you get the mulch delivered?

    Is it cheaper to get it delivered during the winter months? How long does mulch usually stay fresh for?

    What price could I expect to pay for 160-240 yrds of dark pine? I am in Mass. Mulch retails here around $30-35 per yard. I'd like to get it wholsale around $9-15 /yard.

    I am fed up with my retail mulch supplier who charges me $32/per yard knowing that I am going to be buying 150-200 yards from him. This spring I will have to suck it up and continue going to him, but I am planning ahead for next spring. Any input would be great.

    Are some skid steers better for loading then others? Like the 773 w/ vertical lift, or new hollands?
  2. Green-Pro

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    I trailer mine to the shop a little at a time (10-12 yards) over the course of a month, but I only keep 45-50 yards here. My supplier is only 3 to 4 miles away, and I only do this so I don't have to free myself up or send someone else to pick it up before they close at 4:00 (yep, I'm to tight to have it delivered). As far as freshness, well it would just sit out in the open on their lot so it just as well can on mine, besides I have the time to get it during the off season. anyway as soon as you turn it over it will bring the unfaded mulch right out.
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    I've Started buying mine by the tractor and trailer load about 80 yards give or take a little. I buy the whole load for $400.00 May go up a little in the spring, but here I'm paying $14.00 a yard at a supplier so you do the math It's a lot cheaper for me to buy in bulk. I just finished a job and that one job paid for my one load and still have over half of the load left for others. when I see that I'm running low I just call and they bring me another load within a couple of days. So by buying it in bulk I'm paying about $5.00 a yard plus I'm still charging the same amount to put it out. So it's more money in my pocket then in the suppliers, and I don't have drive 10 or so miles to go pick it up. I can load out at my shop and get to the job site earlier. I think It's the way to go but that's only my opinon.
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    dude thats a rip off if i ever seen one!!! We can get a single yard for 18 of nice stuff and we can also get it for 6 but the quality isn't great.. do some good shopping around and you will come up with something.. I just remembered that there is a truck coming up from New Orleans with some cheap mulch!!! lol

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