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I am currently looking for a bulk salt supplier in the Lansing Michigan area or that will deliver to Lansing Michigan. Looking for aproximately 70 tons to start. I know there is Detroit Rock Salt however from what I have heard they are sold out already for their salt requirement for this years allocations. I am looking for pricing per ton , minimum quanitys etc.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I have all kinds of pre bagged 50lb. suppliers however I am looking for bulk drop shipments.
Thanks in advance
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Chuck Smith

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Nutley, NJ
You may want to try calling these suppliers. Not sure if they can help.

Morton Salt DIV Morton International Inc
10335 Flora Street, Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 843-6173

24 Hour Bulk Rock Salt
62520 Van Dyke Road
Washington, MI 48094
(248) 853-4000

Cargill Salt
916 South Riverside Avenue
Saint Clair, MI 48079
(810) 329-2214

Cargill Salt
1063 South State Road
Davison, MI 48423
(810) 658-1066

S & S Salt CO
6100 Linsdale Street
Detroit, MI 48204
(313) 895-1567

It's amazing what you can find when you search the yellow pages online.

Hope one of them can help you.



Eager Beaver

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Thanks Chuck,
I will get on the phone tomorrow and check some of them out.
I also want to tell you how helpful this site is for not only myself but a lot of other contractors that I have talked to. What dedication you have for us snow contractors. A hearty THANKS is in order
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